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Melli’s Photo Challenge

I’m late, but it’s still October 1st in MY part of the world! A few of these came from my archives, but I don’t think there is anything here I have previously shared.

Something in Flight

A Gas Pump
gas pump

Graffiti … or Street Art

Soap or Soapy

An Herb

Something Vinyl

A Bottle of Perfume/Cologne

Snazzy Shoes
snazzy shoes

A Worm

A City Bus
City Bus

Something Curly

A Key

Something Cold

Sports Memorabilia
sports memorbalia

A Feather/Feathers

Something Twisted

a Hole

This is the less famous side of Diamond Head.  Click to biggie the photo and you’ll see the crater.

If you look toward the top, you will see also something in flight!


a Leprechaun

So, I was in the cereal isle at Safeway.  I whipped out my camera and snapped this guy’s pic.  A lady about 5 feet away said, “Did you just take a picture of a cereal box?”  I explained.  She said she thought I was “freakin’ brilliant” and she bet no one else would think of that.  I guess she wasn’t in the store when Thom came in.


Something Lacy

Shoe lace.
Poetic licence.  😉


Something Nutty

Quilly’s Autumn Pork Sandwich

2 cups left over pork roast, shredded
1/4 c. diced onion
1/4 c. dried cranberries
1/4 c. chopped pecans
1/4 c. diced apple
mayo, salt & pepper to taste


Sheet Music
sheet music

A Splash

An Apple/Apples/Apple Something

a Shovel

AND an herb — Rosemary from my yard.


Something Empty.

Gram’s  Salt & Pepper Set


a Triangle

Something Purple



Something Sad



  1. What an adorable child! And I love the “lacy” interpretation – that is terrific!
    So many wonderful macros in this series, but I might just love the leprechaun best of all. He’s such a cutie. 😛
    .-= kcinnova´s last blog ..Keeping secrets =-.

  2. There are so many beautiful pictures that it is too much for one post ! I already went through Tom’s and I am getting an overdose ! It would have been nice to do one per day. You are very brave to have done it. I didn’t have the courage or patience although I love Melli very much !
    .-= Gattina´s last blog .. =-.

    1. Alice — I am not certain I like being accused of cheating. I made one mistake and stretched a couple of concepts — but stretching is what the whole execise was about.

    1. Thom — curly & sad were from my archives. That’s a former student. Lacy I found above the crossroads at the entrance to Kuili’ou’ou Park.

    1. Actually Gigi, I was thinking diamond! But that wasn’t the photo I intended for triangle. I clicked the wrong one and didn’t even realize.

  3. Your pictures were awesome, I think a few took pictures of the Lucky Charms. I see that your soap costs about as much as soap here. Oh your Triangle is actually a square but I’ll let it pass. Oh Killarney is in Ireland so my #106 may have had a Leprechaun on it, Melli let it pass.

  4. Fantastic photos! Who is your adorable little model? And your pork sandwhich recipe sounds yummy. I wrote it down. I just made pulled pork barbeque sandwiches last night. I don’t suppose that recipe would work with leftover barbeque pork? Nah.
    .-= Church Lady´s last blog ..One Lovely Blog =-.

  5. Well! I think you take TOP HONORS for your HOLE! That has to be the best hole out there!

    Love your “in flight” — I knew you’d have a good bird shot — that was why I didn’t even GO there!

    And your TWISTED! Oh my goodness! That is AWESOME!

    I want that nutty sandwich! Right now! Yep – for breakfast!

    And I am LAUGHING at the lady in the cereal aisle! She oughta check out the other 15 boxes of Lucky Charms! But that’s where I would have been too had that bus in DC not shown up! I had THOUGHT I could find one at a garden center early in September… but nooooooo… there was lots of cute goofy stuff… but NO leprechauns!

    And you and Thom really are thinkin’ TOO much alike these days — lacy! LOL!

    You did GREAT Quilly!
    .-= Melli´s last blog ..Friday Fave 5 =-.

    1. Melli — I was driving down the street — headed for a patch of Ivy growing on a chainlink fence — for my “lacy” photo when I saw these shoes hanging from the wire. I stopped the car, hopped out right in the middle of the street and snapped 3 photos.

  6. I took a few pictures in W-Mart and was afraid someone would ask me what I was doing! But it would have been a good opportunity to explain what fun can be had blogging.

    LOVE the ones for hole and twisted!! And that’s a great bird shot — hard to take a clear shot of something moving. I love the perspective on the sheet music.

    Re my “soapy” dog, no, it wasn’t just for the picture — she gets baths whether I need a photo or not. 😀 That photo was from years ago and I’ve used it on my blog a few times, so I felt I was taking the easy route there, but it was the best soapy picture I knew of. Though I saw what would have been a GREAT one on Wed. morning — I drove by a crew trying to suck up soap foam out of a public fountain. I started to stop and take a picture, but I didn’t want them to think I did it and was enjoying the fruit of my labor! Even though soaping a fountain sounds like a fun and tempting thing to do, it really does create havoc for the people who own them and have to clean them. But it sure would have made a good picture!
    .-= Barbara H.´s last blog ..Friday’s Fave Five =-.

    1. Barbara — I don’t worry about taking photos in the big stores. It is the little boutiques where folks get fussy.

      And I’ve had to clean a soaped fountain it is a pain!

  7. You made it I see.
    I liked the graffiti face peeking behind the weeds, the twisted, the closeup of Lucky Leprechaun, the juicy oranges was my favorite shot.
    Uh, the triangle others mentioned – I see square or diamond – maybe it’s that poetic license thing. 🙂
    .-= Carletta´s last blog ..Weekend Reflections =-.

    1. Carletta – -that graffiti face was a gift. I took a “short cut” which turned out to be a dead end road. This fella was the only occupant of the cul de sac.

  8. Well, you made it, I didn’t. *Bows head in shame.* I would have loved to play, but I had way too much on my plate. I love yours though. “Lacy” is my favorite, I would never have thought of that!

  9. The gummy worm and ice cream look yummy. I just finished eating dinner, and those could be my dessert.
    I LOVE the Something Curly photo! What an adorable doll she is!!!
    Gas pumps in Hawaii look an awful lot like gas pumps in Arkansas.

    I hope you enjoy a lovely weekend.
    .-= Jamie Dawn´s last blog ..Breast Ogling Benefits and Forgive Me! =-.

    1. JD — my little model was a former student. She is a cute little button.

      I’d have given you the gummy worm. It was very gummy but not too tasty.

  10. Applause!! what a great photo challenge! love all your shots. I tried to, but these photo challenges are major projects and my blog can’t handle more than 3 pictures in one post, lol.
    Fantastic collection, q!
    .-= Mar´s last blog hunt: words =-.

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