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High & Dry

High and dry — on the 17th floor of the Queen Kapiolani Hotel.

Last night after cleaning the kitchen I grabbed the garbage, opened the back door, stepped out into the dark and splashed to the garbage can.  It hadn’t rained and I hadn’t turned any sprinklers on, but I went to the side of the house and checked the tap.  It was off.  So, why was my yard under 4 inches of water?

Amobea — of course — was at band practice.  I checked the inside toilets.  I checked the washer and the water heater.  All fine.  I grabbed a flashlight, came back out and shined it under our house.  One concrete pad, clean and dry.  So why was our front yard under water?

I reached in my pocket and dug out my cell phone.  I called the landlord and got no answer.  I was about to dial Amoeba when I saw our neighbor man — the one who helped our landlord fix the washer.  I yelled, “Don, my front yard is flooding and I don’t know why.”

Don immediately ran across the street, pulled a penlight from his pocket, got down on his hands and knees in the puddle and looked under the house.  Then he looked up at me with  frown on his face. “It’s dry!”

“I know,” I said. “But that puddle your in is running water.  Look at it.”  We both shone our flashlights on the puddle.  There, in the crossing light beams, we could see a fresh crack in the sidewalk and bubbles of water rising out of it.  Don went to tclose the main water valve.  I placed a phone call to Amoeba.

So, this weekend we are Waikiki tourists.  I took some great pics this morning.  I’ll be sharing them with you as soon as I’m home and no longer hijacking someone else’s wifi.  In the meantime, have fun.  We’re going to!


    1. Church lady — oh yeah — MAJOR repair. It is an old steel pipe, rotted clean through and crumbling at every touch. The pipe broke Thursday night and we’re still without water Saturday afternoon despite two diligently working men.

  1. Hmmmm … Thinking a water main broke or something? That’s kinda scary, especially when the South Pacific has tsunami warnings. Glad that you’re safe and sound, living the high life, literally. 😉 Can’t wait for the snaps! 🙂
    .-= Cherie´s last blog ..Saturday 9: I Call Your Name =-.

  2. Oh, and we came back from our honeymoon 21 years ago to my husband’s house and discovered it was flooded; The toilet valve had cranked and flooded the whole house – 80,000 gallons on our water bill. The water got turned off at the street about 12 hours before we got home when the next door neighbor walked out in his yard and it was wet – in the middle of August in Texas! It had seeped out of the house over to his yard.

    Not exactly the romantic homecoming we had anticipated! LOL
    .-= Mocha with Linda´s last blog ..Who Cares?! =-.

        1. We ate at Keoni Restaurant. The food was average, the service was friendly, the prices were way too high, but it’s Waikiki, so we should have expected that.

    1. Tilden, I was game, but Amoeba wanted to motel and who am I to argue? I loved their showers! Great pressure and wonderful soap — I brought it home!

  3. Have a great time in Waikiki. Go out where I stand to get some pictures of the sunsets Q. Show everyone what a real good photographer with a good camera can do 🙂 Sorry to hear about the leak. And you can get great hogs for 1.39 at the ABC store just makai of the Queen Kap. 🙂
    .-= Thom´s last blog ..Weekend Reflections – #2 =-.

    1. Thom — we walked from Kapahulu to Ala Moana, walked just a little ways back, caught a bus and returned to the Hotel, checked our email and then checked out on the bed for a lovely nap — not waking until after sunset. Bummer.

  4. Enjoy your little unexpected vacation Quilly. Do some exploring, play the tourist and have fun with that camera!! Can’t wait to see the pictures, Thom always makes great pictures there!

  5. Sorry ’bout the trouble Quilly, but you surely do know how to make lemonade out of lemons. That place, some lemon pie as well!
    Enjoy it while you can. You can get back now and then to check the house, huh?

    One your post below. I have walked (not really much climbing) up Diamond Head starting from the right side of your picture and going on up to the peak. It isn’t hard to do and is quite enjoyable. The views are nice too.
    What is on the other side? If I remember correctly roads, one like a highway except I don’t know where it would go, and homes.
    I’ll be back later to check on you and see your tourist pictures. 🙂
    .-= Jim´s last blog ..Adi Can — Walk with an attitude — Six Word Saturday =-.

    1. Dr. John — well, sometimes they’re fun, anyway. Still it is two days later, we’ve returned from our adventure and STILL no water.

  6. We periodically become DC tourists for much the same reason. Our neighborhood infrastructure is about 50 years old…old enough, I’m told for the pipes to start to burst with regularity. Enjoy the hotel, the beach and when you order Room Service, think of us, the Little People…
    .-= Melissa B.´s last blog ..Tatoo You =-.

  7. Bummer! We have water main breaks around here every now and then. I get nervous when the town water trucks are in the neighboorhood. The last few have not affected us. The town maintenac guys usually get water back on in a few hours.
    .-= Lew´s last blog ..Little red shed =-.

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