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Affordable Auto Insurance

Since one can’t afford to be without insurance, the next best option is to have auto insurance one can afford.  I just got some cheap auto insurance quotes and a lot of peace-of-mind!

Finding cheap auto insurance online was super easy. I just clicked on the link above, typed in my zip code and my 4 best bets magically appeared. No searching hundreds of companies one by one and no sales people to wrestle with. The website supplied me with my four most likely candidates which I was then easily able to check out and compare.

I discovered — much to my joy — that the insurance company I already have really is my best choice.   The website said they were the number one insurance company in Hawaii — and that got me thinking.  You know we’re going to be moving soon?  I couldn’t help wondering how our move will effect our insurance rates.

I went back to the website and put in our new zip code.  To my surprise, a different insurance provider came up as number one in Washington State.  I checked them out.  They really do have great deals and those deals are comparable to the company I am already with — however, due to my longevity with my current company, it did come in just a few dollars less expensive.

It did take some time to fill out the all of the questions the website asks to give you your insurance quote.  I am also certain that some of the questions were unnecessary.  Happily, my auto-fill web application made doing so a breeze and comparing my options didn’t take all that long.

So, I just spent twenty minutes online and discovered that I’m content with the insurance company I have, but it feels pretty darn good to know that I made a great choice.  It also feels pretty darn good to know that my insurance will be almost $50.00 per month cheaper in Washington State!  Hurray!


  1. Kay, specifically, we are moving to San Juan Island, in Puget Sound. Amoeba has accepted a job at the UW Friday Harbor facility. Originally I am from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and most of my family lives in the Coeur d’Alene, ID/Spokane, WA vicinity. For me this is like going home.

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