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Self-Sanitizing Sink

I detest my kitchen sink.  It is ancient, dull, stained and scratched and has only a single basin.  I have been dreaming about my future home and hoping my next kitchen sink will be from TruGranite.  Take a look at their Undermount Granite Sinks.  I like the first one that comes up on the website.

Amoeba should even be pleased with my choice because these TruGranite sinks are made of quartzite and acrylic so are environmentally friendly.  TruGranite sinks are heat resistant to over 500 degrees, extremely stain resistant, and super scratch resistant as well, plus they are coated in bacteria killing silver ions.  How cool is a self-sanitizing sink?  Just keep the surface clean and it will kill the germs itself!

And, in case you’re wondering why I specified an undermount sink, it’s because they are flush with the counter top, and therefore much easier to clean.   And because I’m short I find undermount sinks much easier to work with.  They don’t have that raised ridge to cut into my forearms when I am peeling vegetables or washing dishes.


  1. I never knew any other kind than undermount…. I wouldn’t trade MY sink for anything — except possibly the same thing IN granite! I have double wide with NO divider…. Big enough to actually CLEAN a turkey in! That was my specification when we built the house — and back THEN a double wide with no divider was a “special order” — so we paid dearly for it! But it is stainless steel, and I would MUCH prefer granite! (along with those new counter tops) If I ever remember to buy a lotto ticket, I might get them!

    1. Melli — I like the divided sinks, one size big, one size small. I detest dishpans and they way they slop and slosh water — keep in mind, I have no dishwasher except the two God gave me on the ends of my arms. If I had a dishwasher, one big sink would be fine. What I have now is one small, shallow sink with the fridge crowded up on one side and the stove on the other.

      I do not like this kitchen and never have.

  2. After liberal use of SoftScrub with Bleach and a great deal of “elbow grease” — the sink in our half-bath is once again looking white. If money were no object, I would replace it tomorrow!

  3. Oh, I want one of those!!!

    At least in this kitchen now we have some sort of marble surface.
    The sink still sucks, so does the crane for water, but at least the surface is nice and it’s spacy 😉

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