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Folks, I have taken everything off my blog I possibly can.  Even Comment Love is gone.  The only thing left to remove is the interactive comments.  I don’t know why the loading of my blog hangs up, but I do know this, if when it hangs up, you hit refresh, that usually works and it loads right away.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience.  I’ll keep trying to find the problem.  It is getting very frustrating for me, too.


  1. You know, I kinda got used to it. You’re right with the refresh. Then again, I learned to open other blogs at the same time. If yours needed 10 minutes to load up, I just read another while I waited!

    However long it takes to load up, it is worth waiting for here. 🙂

    (I liked commentluv. Bring back commentluv!!! lol)

  2. Well we shall see. As I have told you in an email running scripts cause this and woa as you might not want to hear this it started when you started doing paid posts. Trust me. I watch this blog like a hawk. 🙂

    1. Thom — if you’ve been watching my blog carefully then you know I took all the scripts out of my sidebar quite some time ago. The ones still in there are tried scripts that don’t hang up other blogs. Yes, it was something from IZEA, so I removed all of those ads.

      1. I’ve been thinking…Might it be your host? Have you gotten any response from the ticket you submitted. It’s still slow tonight Q

  3. Well, it DID just load right away. We’ll see in the next couple of days — but sometimes I was having to “refresh” 3 or 4 times before it would finally load. This is one of the reasons I just keep my blog simple. I don’t need all the gadgetry — I just need a way to communicate. 😀

  4. Thanks for the update and all those efforts hon! It did just take 5 minutes to load for me, but that beats the hell out of 22 yesterday. Hey, I know, maybe you should move to Blogger.

    Call Thom off!

  5. Thank you for your most excellent, wonderful, perfect comment on my blog, Quilly.

    Aha… so it wasn’t just me that had that difficulty loading your blog. It has prevented my commenting several times. I’m glad you’ve got it fixed. 🙂

  6. Yeah, I never complained out loud but I just figured the long wait was a price I’m willing to pay for this blog. Doesn’t look fixed, though.

  7. Thank you, Quilly. Your blog did load quite slowly before. My SIL said for me to not have any more icons and amulets that really necessary as it slowed the load up considerably for each one.
    He made me feel really guilty when he mentioned that the dial up people may never get all the pictures up.
    That is why I have limited my posts per page to 10 on JIM’S LITTLE BLOG AND JIM’S LITTLE P&P PLACE and thirty days time on the seldom updated Ask Dr. Jim (blog) blog.
    And it is why most of my regularly updated blogs have one or two weeks archived.
    I hope this helps, Dr. Jim 🙂

  8. I never had any difficulties with your blog as it was.

    You have a lot of conversation in your comments, I couldn’t manage that. When I commented on a blog I never come back until a new post is published. If I would do that I would spent my whole time just for looking up if there is a comment on my comment. I prefer that people come to my blog and give the answer there or by email as I do.

  9. It loaded much faster, this is good, but try putting things back on one at a time, see if it was just one thing that was slowing you down.

  10. I’m sorry Quilly, it’s still as slow as it was before for me. I do hit refresh ( I already did that) and eventually I get there, but…

      1. I’m glad it’s gone. Today the blog seems to load a lot faster, I had no problems this time! Don’t worry Quilly, like Melli said, fast or slow, we take it as it comes. For the love of you. So don’t worry.

  11. I’m so sorry that you had to take off so much from your blog, Quilly. I thought that I couldn’t get on your blog, because of my ancient connection which has been acting up again lately. I hope you can solve the problem soon. The loading time from my end of the world is much better now.

  12. Did you try using a different template?

    Loading time with my page is the current template has issues. But it (right now) is the only one I really like.

    Try a different template and see if that might do the trick.
    “cause I think your Site went slow after you changed the template?

      1. Just an idea maybe worth trying.
        I don’t know how hard it is on blogger.
        It’s just a click on b2evolution.
        That’s why I mentioned it…

  13. It did load quickly this time. Before, sometimes it did fine, sometimes it hung up. Refreshing didn’t always work — sometimes it just started the whole process over with the same time span. I did what others mentioned and read more from Google Reader while waiting.

    I had been thinking I needed to make note of what it said in the bottom left hand corner so you would know what seemed to be hanging up, but I didn’t. Seems like it was something like “Waiting for izranks” but that wasn’t all of it. If it does it again I’ll write it down.

    1. Barbara, sometimes it hangs on Izea Ranks, sometimes it hangs on Gravatar, and sometimes it hangs on Social Spark. It also used to hang on Comment Luv, the blog roll, and the widgets. I may remove the gravatars, but people like them and they help me find comments when I need to reply.

  14. Now that you mention it….your page did seem to take a while to load, but when I would hit refresh, it would fix it. I just thought it was something to do with my computer. But hey, it seems to load quicker now. Thanks.

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