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Three Word Thursday #32

Welcome to Three Word Thursday #32 . This week, joining the quondam obscure word-list, we have tenellous; utible; & nubivagant. We also have a dandy bunch of perspicacious writers. If you enjoy reading my story, leave a comment then click on the names of the other players and go see how they used these bygone words. You’ll be entertained (and possibly educated) all at once.

The 12th Knight of Strawberry Fife

Fragile Honor

Sir Evaard turned away from the Patisserie household. With the black wreath hanging there he could not bang upon the door demanding answers. Maybe, if he were and older knight, one with tried and true experience, he could get away with such a thing. Now, if he started making accusations without proof, they would probably accuse him of nubivagant fantasies. He needed utible proof before going any further.

He walked back toward the Strawberry stand. Yesterday he thought guarding strawberries an embarassment. This morning he wished that strawberry thieves were his greatest concern.

The oporopolist saw him coming and let out a wail. “You boy! What kind of Knight are you? The sun has been well up for at least an hour!”

The morning was still cool, the shadows were still long, and in truth it hadn’t been full-light for even half that time. Further more, Sir Evaard was no longer a boy, he was a knight of the realm. He considered how his former master, Sir Tomlinson, would have reacted if faced with such disrespect. Sir Evaard tensed with his hand poised above the hilt of his sword. He lowered his chin a fraction, and stared at the fruit seller.

A look of shock crossed the man’s face. He scuttled behind the counter of his fruit stand and stuttered, “P-pardon Sir E-evaard. I-I am c-certain you kn-now the K-king’s business b-better than I!”

Sir Evaard started at the man just a moment longer, then turned his gaze on Sir Chevall’s war horse, clearly dismissing the fruit seller. The horse remained tied to the tree as Evaard had left it, but someone had brought water and feed. From where he stood, Evaard could see a pair of small feet. He approaced the horse and found Fencil leaning against the tree. “I thought I told you to stay with Vernal?”

“I must stay with the horse,” Fencil said. “That is the last order my master gave me.”

“Sir Chevall is dead,” Evaard answered.

“He is not dead until I see his cold body,” Fencil responded.

Evaard knew those words. They were among the first things taught to a page. He considered ordering the boy to return to Vernal and the cabin, but child or not, he had a sworn duty to uphold and he seemed determined to do so. Evaard nodded at the boy. “You are an honor to your master.”  His offered the words as a healing salve for the boy’s tenellous pride.

Fencil’s lower lip quivered and his eyes filled with tears.  Evaard looked away as the boy furiously swiped his eyes with the hem of his tunic.  Once Fencil was under control, Evaard spoke, “If you wish to help your master, I have more questions.”

Fencil gave his nose a swipe on the sleeve of his shirt and nodded his head.

to be continued
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The 3WT #33 words will be: maleolent; xenization; & pigritude.

Got it? Good! In that case: Your story is due on:  October 22nd, 2009


  1. Yo, peeps! Did you know that the 3WT word-list (yes, the entire thing) and the full text of all my stories can be accessed at anytime by clicking on the Writings tab at the top of my blog?

    1. Thom — I don’t know, if you were a kid and knew you’d get to be a knight in shining armor when you grew up, you might have just done this. You’re certainly stubborn enough.

  2. I love the character names you create. I think I may have said so before but names are so important to a story’s layers (for me at least.)

    1. Nessa — I pick names that only a few will actually ever understand or enjoy, but for them it adds flavor (especially in this case!).

  3. I love the little page wiping his nose on his sleeve. Such a motherly touch in that story for you! They say that’s why buttons were placed on coatsleeves eventually…

    Great story line. I agree with Anthony, this is progressing nicely — shall I say, very invitingly too!

  4. I can’t wait until I see how Vernal is doing. 😉

    Your blog came up okay this morning but I did notice that with every click of the mouse on the body it ‘refreshes.’ Have you checked your site for a little hidden m a l w a r e ? It isn’t happening down here today but every time I try to highlight a highfalutin word in the story it refreshes before I can get my curser to the end of the word. 🙂

    People do tend to leave when there is wiping of the noses on the sleeves. Germs abound!

  5. Oh boy. I wonder if Fencil will be able to help Sir Evaard. I wonder if the boy is right… perhaps Cheval is NOT dead…

  6. I think this is as good as the next to the last book I read. I love your main character. He is at the same time brave and vulnerable. He is ready to fight but he can be understanding and kind remembering where he came from. All your other characters take on a life of their own. I wish I could write like this.

    1. Dr. John — I wish I could write like you just described! Probably because I wrote it, I can’t see it as unique or special.

  7. Good you still haven’t thrown in any bad dragons. We dragons love this young night we saw many like him during the middle ages. They never tried to cut off the heads of good dragons. You have brought the knight to life and recreated his world. We love it.

  8. What a loyal young man! Boys of honors like Fencil should become more available these days 🙂 . His master must have taught him well. Have a wonderful week, Quilly.

    1. Rosidah — to get more boys like Fencil, we’d have to have much sterner rules and punishments then we are willing to subject our children to.

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