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The Beauty of Hawaii

What do you see in life? Every week, Gypsy Lala invites us to share the beauty in our lives.

Orchid Sunshine

I do not know the name of this orchid. I call it Sunshine. It is a bright and dazzling beauty, isn’t it? I chose to share it as an example of the exotic beauty of Hawaii. Flowers love these islands, and these islands love flowers.


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  1. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful flowers with us, Quilly.
    The orchid looks like “Vanda Miss Joaquim, the national flower of Singapore” but in yellow, I seldom see this pretty yellow, not sure if it is the same type. Great capture.

  2. You’re going to rename all the orchids before you go, aren’t you? Maybe publish “Quilly’s Guide to Hawai’ian Orchids, And What She Calls Them”

  3. As it down;loaded, it looked like peaches so I miht call it a peachy Ü It is certainly beautiful. Nice reminisence of hawaii where I lived fo three years a long time ago.

    Comee and see my Life as I see it post.

  4. That’s gorgeous. “Sunshine” fits it perfectly.

    I imagine you’ll miss these when you move, but I am sure Friday Harbor has its own charms.

  5. Wow, it looks like a cattleya just by the looks of its leaves, but am not pretty sure coz I’ve never seen such beautiful orchid in this color. Life is beautiful, am up!

    1. Pacey, I think it is a Cattleya, but I wasn’t certain. There was a huge display of Cattleya orchids in the green house at Foster Gardens and a few weren’t marked, but this did look like all the other Cattleya — except for it’s vibrant color.

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