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It’s Margarita Time!

It's Margarita Time!
It's 5:00 Somewhere

This chair sits outside Jimmy Buffet’s at the Waikiki Beachcomber.

I thought a little Margaritaville to ring in Freebie Friday might be nice.  I couldn’t find a decent version with Buffet singing, so you get Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffet and photos from someone else’s scrapbook.

Freebie Friday

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    1. Nessa — they had several of them on the sidewalk, each painted a little differently. I couldn’t see the other two because some dang tourists were in the way. Sheesh!

  1. I love the chair. Is it yours, if so where did you get it? That would be neat to gift to the owners (friends) of the beach house that we stayed at Fourth of July weekend. And I’m sure it’s 5:00 somewhere. But if not at least it is Friday.

    1. Thena — sorry, I guess I didn’t notice that when I posted the video I erased the sentence telling about the chair. I put it back now. The chair was on the sidewalk outside Jimmy Buffet’s at the Waikiki Beachcomber, and you probably can buy it. Everything in Waikiki is for sale.

    1. Jim, I just deleted the second one — and no one seems to have that “auto-refresh” problem but you. What browser are you using?

  2. David and I had a great time at Jimmy Buffett’s in Waikiki a few months ago. The food was pretty good, and the lanai where we dined was comfortable..

  3. I seriously covet that chair. Do you think the creator sells them online? I’m off today, and it’s 2:15 in the afternoon. Where is it 5 o’clock? I’m thinking a margarita is in order to start off the weekend!

  4. You know… if I had seen THAT chair a year ago – before I painted my adirondack chairs, my living room would probably have an entirely different look! LOL! I LOOOOOOVE that! It is just toooo cute!

    1. Melli — a Margaritaville theme might make your living room a VERY popular place. Wasn’t there an old country and western song …”

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