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Sunday Killed the Car

Our weekend schedule was just too intense.  The car couldn’t take it.  It survived Saturday, took us to church Sunday morning, then died in the middle of the road on the way to Gigi’s party (click the link and see all the people, food and fun we missed).  The car stalled just over the rise on Salt Lake Blvd, which means cars cresting the hill had only seconds to react after seeing our emergency flashers.  Amoeba went out and stood in the road at the crest of the hill directing traffic.   I realized that might keep me alive, but I was worried that it would do the opposite for him!

I called our insurance company to get a tow.  The operator answered, “Thank you for calling Insurance X.  What can I do for you today?”

I said, “Our car has stalled and we need road side assistance.  We are in a very unsafe place.”

She said, “Are you safe?”

I said, “No.  We are blocking traffic and there is no way to get out of the road.”

She said, “Can you push your car onto the shoulder of the road?”

I said, “There is no shoulder.  There is road, a very high curb and a cement wall.”

She said, “Oh well then, I will send a tow truck.  That will take about an hour.”

I said, “An hour? This is not safe.  We can’t do this for an hour.”

She said, “You’re not safe? Do you need a fire truck or an ambulance?”

I said, “Not yet, but soon, I’m sure.”

She said, “Should I call the police to direct traffic?”

I said, “Yes please.”

And if ever we’re in a similar situation I’m calling the police first.  The first police officer arrived and chewed Amoeba out for trying to direct traffic.  I say Amoeba did better than try.  He’d succeeded, the proof of that is the lack of dead bodies scattered about.

The second police officer arrived and asked us when the tow truck was coming.  I told him what the insurance company said.  He called a tow truck and it arrived within minutes.  I called the insurance company and they said we’d have to pay for this truck then send in the paperwork to get reimbursed.  I figured that would be easier to do if we were alive, so we went with the tow truck on hand.

The guy towed our car — and toted us — to our mechanic and left us in the lot.  I called several people, my mind on how I was supposed to manage the rest of my Sunday schedule without wheels — and I found someone willing to pick us up at home and take us to church, but we were still miles from home!   That’s when I thought of  Thom.  It was Sunday, he wouldn’t be a work.  I just hoped he wasn’t busy.

Those of you who know Thom won’t be in the least surprised by what I am about to say — but we were.  Thom not only picked us up, he gave us his car.   “Here,” he said.  “I don’t need it until noon tomorrow.”    That means we got to and from church (where I had a speaking engagement) without having to scrounge rides, plus I got Amoeba to the airport this morning for his day trip to the Big Island, then I bought groceries because I didn’t know how long we’d be without our own wheels.

Here is an email exchange between Thom and I this morning.

Me: Nice car.  I like.  I keep.  Thanks.

Thom: Fine.  You can have the car payments, too.

Me: Oh.  When did you say you wanted the car back?

Thom: I’ll walk up and get it in about 20 minutes.

Right this very minute Amoeba is on his way home in our car.   Upon arriving back at our airport, he rode the city bus to within a few blocks of the car repair place, then walked over, paid for the repairs — new fuel pump harness & connectors — and called me to say he was on his way home. If traffic is kind, he might even make it on time for orchestra practice tonight.


  1. WOW! When my new car stalled on the FREEWAY, I had no cell phone so I walked to an exit and nightclub where I called my insurance co. It took over an hour for a tow truck to get to me. The driver told me he was busy washing his car so that’s why it took him an hr to get to me.

    Meanwhile, a cop came by and asked if I was the wahine who walked on the freeway. haha. He then told me to buy a cell phone which I did that night!

    Anyway, Quilly, you have my sympathy. Missed you at my party!

    1. Gigi — I am glad we were off the Freeway, that is the worst. And luckily we both had our cell phones — also, no less than 6 people stopped to ask if we needed them to call for help. (They all also pointed out we were in a really dangerous spot!)

  2. He’s the best friend EVER!! I’m glad you’ve got the car back and even more that neitherof you got injured or hurt. I’m sorry about the party though. It would have been fun, I’m sure!

    1. Jientje — Thom has the real meaning of aloha down pat and he lives it. He is definitely an extraordinary guy.

      Amoeba and I were very much looking forward to Gigi’s party. Amoeba has been reading Ian’s blog for quite some time and I read Kay & Gigi, plus I’ve been peeking at Cloudia’s blog and she is interesting, too.

  3. Are you going to take Thom with you when you move?
    Be sad to leave him behind. 🙂
    Glad it all worked out in the end; well, except for missing the party.

    1. Carletta — I don’t think that will work. Thom actually said he would be glad once we were in Friday Harbor, because then Punny Monday would post at an hour more in his favor. You can see where his priorities are.

  4. Three cheers for Thom…and safety…and well, I guess when you get ready to leave for Friday Harbor, Gigi will have to have another party just to let people know to visit you at your new location…which I’m guessing will still be the same in cyberworld!

    Sorry so much trouble. I think it means that somebody at church REALLY needed to hear that message!

    1. Kelley — since this party was arranged for all of us to meet for the first time and I didn’t make it, I am not quite certain why Gigi would want to do it again! Still, perhaps when Jientje is here, we can all meet somewhere for a lovely park potluck picnic.

  5. Oh you poor kid. You coulda called us you know!!!!!!!!!!!! But I am glad Thom could help you out. and glad no one was hurt and that you have your car back. I think I am out of my funk now so be expecting to see me missy…

  6. Wow, what a scary thing to happen–and three boos to the insurance company. Isn’t it cheaper to pay for a tow, than to pay for a car smashed up by a rear-end collision that could have been avoided, plus all the resultant injuries? (dhuh?)

    But what’s Thom going to say when you’ve outed his true nature to the world? LOL What a sweetheart he is. (don’t tell him I said that!)

  7. Glad it all worked out and nobody got hurt. Except the car and the pocket book, I know they both suffered. 🙂
    Thanks for the info on the penquins. Maybe Dr. Jim could find out your answer.
    I was at the WalMart checker, she asked for I.D. Then she asked if I was related to Tim H. I told her, yes, he’s my son. She said “He saved my and the kids life.”
    Oh. Then when she told, I remembered. He parked his car with flashers on the shoulder where Ameoba was standing. A drunk came along and totaled his car. Would have plowed into the woman and kids had the car not been there.
    Tim told me about the episode but before that hadn’t claimed life saving credit. 🙂

    1. Jim — the cop parked there with flares and flashers and he still had to get out of his car a couple of times and direct traffic!

  8. Oyyyyy vey! Thom is amazing! He really is! He’s got a heart of pure gold! I’m so glad he was able to help you! And… um… about your insurance co… is that a rule that you have to THROUGH them to get towing service? We have never done that… ever.

  9. I’m glad everyone was safe. What a good friend Thom is!

    We called AAA when the tire on the trailer blew on our way home from the wedding, and they were NO help. Couldn’t bring a tire out but would change one if we had a spare; wouldn’t do anything for a trailer, anyway; told us there was no W-Mart in the area when there was one two exits up. Argh! Thank the Lord for cell phones and one with Internet access where we found the W-Mart and got a new tire just as they were closing. They were kind enough to process our sale even though the tire center was shutting down when we got there.

    AAA has been good about sending out tows a couple of times (though always an hour wait. What’s up with that? I could understand if they’re out on a call, but are they always out on a call?), but my husband is about ready to ditch them if he can find something else.

    1. Barbara — I read that story on your site. You know, Amoeba and I were just discussing joining AAA, but they don’t sound much better than what I’ve got but they are more expensive.

  10. Quilly Quilly Quilly….It was nothing anyone would have done for you!!!. I’m glad I could help you. Now woman…enough of this kind of crap about me. Maybe I should say that I was hmmphing and hawing under my breath to keep my true nature alive and well. This is going to ruin me…just ruin me I tell ya!!! PFFFFT

    1. Thom, It was nothing anyone would have done for you. — no one would have done it? If not for you we’d still be standing there? You’re probably right.

      1. I truly doubt that my friend. pssst here’s a secret and if you tell anyone I’m gonna deny deny deny…I loved your post Truth About Thom Mahalo MWAH xoxoxoxo

        1. Thom — you wrote that nobody else would have done it for me. Read your comment! AND, I knew you would love that post. Amoeba was a little worried that others wouldn’t “get it” and I don’t think one of two of them did, but most knew you were being roasted.

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