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Modern Furniture 4 Home

I’m in love. Look at this! sigh (be sure to click for a larger view)

We do not have living room furniture.  When we first arrived in Hawaii we rented a furnished condo.  We didn’t need our own furniture. Then we moved to this side of the island and furniture became an issue.  The first thing we bought was a bed.  Then a desk.  We already had a dining room set.

We looked at other furniture but couldn’t find anything we liked at a price we would pay.  Then we decided to put the furniture purchase off until after our summer trip to Friday Harbor — at which point we came home with a job offer.  No point buying furniture until after we decided.  Of course, we decided to move, so no buying furniture at all on this side of the ocean.

So, as far as furniture is concerned, we have been living a very minimalist existence, but I have been dreaming.  And look what my dreams have found.  This set is gorgeous.  I have it bookmarked for future reference.  Somebody show it to Amoeba. has some incredible furniture; everything from the traditional styles, like I have chosen above, to the ultra modern.  They can help you furnish your entire home.  After you finish looking at the living room sets, check out their kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture, and office furniture. I even found the perfect rug to go with my living room set!

The website also features free online shopping support and no interest for 12 months on qualifying purchases over $499.00.  Best of all, they ship to Canada and internationally, so if you fall in love with something on the site you can order it!  And from now until December 31st, is offering free shipping in the continental U.S. on all purchases over $75.00.


  1. Boy that does look nice. I’ve been thinking lately or maybe dreaming of a place of my own to decorate just for me. First I guess I’ll have to get a grant or two to go back to school so that I can upgrade my ancient skills since I haven’t worked in 10 years. Then I need a car and a job. Oh, and a way to move to the city to get the job. Don’t think I can find all of that in one place with cheap shipping.

  2. I’m dreaming with you. Our LR sofa wore out after years of NON-use: A lemon…. an expensive but utterly gorgeous warm plum ultrasuede 7 piece contemporary sectional.
    I found the one I wanted 2 yrs ago…. but I’m so practical with $, that even with the 25% off sale coming up soon, I’m reluctant to “splurge” although my artistic NEEDS are bursting forth from my inner palette!
    (Oh, I fell in love with cool art deco, beautiful antique wood furniture that is way out of my league; the set we found is affordable and different, uh…like me. :D). Thing is we also need carpet and repairs. Just purchased a fridge for our birthdays (so non gifty, unlike that camera last yr!). At least the fridge before lasted 20+ yrs! I hope your furniture dream comes true, or at least in parts.

    1. GEL — the chances I will get this set — or a house big enough to put it in — are slim, but I can dream. I hope you find your furniture at a reasonable price.

  3. LOL! I LOVE the room colors! I can’t stand to fall in love with furniture right now… there is NONE in my future until… we don’t wanna talk about this. BAD things have to happen before I get furniture! This looks like a GREAT website though… you knOw I’m not going to be able to resist “looking”.

    1. Melli — I love looking. When it comes to to actually spend money I get really, really picky and enjoy the looking much less!

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