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Blogger is down again.  [Yawn.  Ho hum.]  I cannot visit you, so I am going to go read my book.  Since you cannot blog, perhaps you would like to play some free cell phone games.

Mahjong, Spider Solitaire, Soduku, Bublex,
FreeCell,Black Metal, Absorbed, Speed Demon,
Swords of Fury, Arcade Park, Furby, Bubble Pop,
Snake, Hearts, Poker, Black Jack, Infiltrator,
Graffiti War, Golk, X-Bike, Skateboard Street Fighters,
Baja Buggy, Speed Racer, Zombie Attack
and many, many more!

All games are 100% free of charge from Mobi, but Mobi does want to make certain you understand that your cellphone service provider will apply whatever fees they normally do to downloads.


  1. Well, it’s up again now!!!
    My Fave Five will have to wait till a little later this afternoon. I’m busy getting some housework done.

    1. Kay — back before I dumped Blogger for WordPress, Blogger used to got down 3-4 times per week and it was notorious for eating comments. I realize things are 200% better there now, but I still hold a grudge against them for all the dropped posts and comments I suffered in the past.

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