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Orchid Delight

Ruby Orchid

Red Vein Orchid

Pink Throat Orchid

I took these photos in the Orchid House at Foster Botanical Garden. Most of the orchids were not labeled and so I do not know the names of these lovely beauties. Amoeba could tell us the types — if he wasn’t busy struggling with yet another critical report deadline — but there are so many Orchid hybrids that looking up the names would be incredibly time consuming. So, if you think you know one of these, please share the name with us!

And hey, as long as you’re here — what is your favorite flower? Despite all the photos I take of orchids, my favorite flowers are Daisies. I never met a Daisy I didn’t like.


  1. The second photo is definitely my favourite, because of the colours in it.

    Favourite flowers? Oh, hard to pick. I love lots: big lilies and gardenias, and big white roses, peonies, dandelions, hydrangea and violets. At our last house my favourite was my shasta daisy that was a lovely pale-copper colour, and grew in a big sprawling mound just outside our door.

    1. I should remember the name of that second flower since we actually have one — well, whoever will live here next has one. And I love dandelions, too! I know we aren’t supposed to, but they are so bright and cheerful.

  2. Gorgeous. I especially like the 3rd one.

    I love mixed bouquets. Love daisies. Alstromerias (sp?). Yellow roses (my wedding flower!).

    Don’t particularly care for gladiolus or the big round purply flowers.

    1. Oh, I love Gladiolas! I saw a dramatic black & white hybrid this summer that was simply stunning, unfortunately my pics didn’t come out well.

  3. I love pikake lei — my fave lei flower.
    For my patio I love marigolds.
    For the area around my mailbox, I like orange hibiscus. Too bad white fly like it too.

    Gorgeous photos, by the way. You really should consider making a coffee table book of them. Don’t self-publish because color photos are expensive to publish.

    1. Gigi — no flower can compete with the glorious scented flowers of Hawaii. They make my nose run and my eyes burn but I do love them! Our house is surround in Mock Orange and it costs me a fortune in meds every month, but how lovely they smell.

      You made that comment about the book in a previous post and I did take it seriously. I am actually looking at my photos and seeing if I can come up with a theme.

  4. My Quilly – you ever cease to amaze me with your talent. Those postcard photos are fantastic!

    My favorite flower is the chrysanthemum. They are in full bloom here in PA and I just love all the colors. They remind me of autumn.

  5. Your pictures are soooo pretty, all three of them. You found some nice ones.
    Hawaii is known for it’s flowers, from the exotic (to us) orchid to the mundame state flower, the hibiscus (yellow).
    You are fine liking the daisies. Mrs. Jim likes them too. My favorite is Daisy Dukes, aka Jessica Simpson or Catherine Bach.

  6. Amaryllis are my favorite. They are rather simple compared to some of the other’s I grow, but I still like them best.

  7. Quilly,
    These are some amazing photographs, and the flowers petals are just prefect. I am like you, I was never a big fan of orchids, just like them, they seem a very boring flower, I guess may be because it blooms forever. But I love daisies too, especially gerber daisies, and orange in color. Anna 🙂

    1. Anna — orchids bloom once per year. Sure the blossoms last a couple of weeks, but then you just have leaves for 11 months.

  8. I love those tiny ones!
    And nope, I don’t have a favorite flower, I think.
    I love everything that blossoms and that smells good 🙂

  9. OOoh wow. Such beautiful pictures of the orchids!! I love the raindrops on them!
    I can never pick just one, I love all kinds of flowers. That reminds me. I was cutting the heads off the roses I got from the boys last week. They dried pretty well, and I’m keeping them as a souvenir.

  10. Gorgeous photos!

    Pink roses are my absolute favorites, but I also like carnations (which you don’t usually see in home gardens — wonder if they’re hard to grow?), purple or blue hydrangeas, irises, tulips, daffodils, violets. Sunflowers and daisies are such cheerful flowers. I love the way hyacinths look but they make me sneezy and runny. I think I like most flowers except mums and marigolds — don’t like the way they smell, and mums remind me of hospitals for some reason.

    1. Barbara — Amoeba says you don’t see carnations in home gardens because they are out of fashion — and because after their short lived blossom does they look kind of weedy.

  11. Favorites: Black-eyed susans, water lillies, lavender,

    I love the color of purple irises but the smell of magnolias on a hot day is truly divine.

  12. gorgeous beauties, these orchids…
    i like most flowers, simple weeds even better than cultivated varieties…
    and can you tell daisies are among my favourites? 😉

    1. I like weeds, too. Don’t tell anybody! AND, I somehow knew Daisies to be your faves, even though once when I posted a series of Daisy pics you interrupted to ask if I had anything else.

  13. My favorite flower? Yikes! I have too too many! Gardenias, roses, tuberoses, white and yellow ginger, camelias, tulips, all of them…

    1. Kay — I’ve never met a flower I didn’t like, but when I am paying for them, I almost always spend my money on Daisies.

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