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  1. I first go to Egypt on Nov 9, for 2 weeks to get some warmth and sunshine for the winter. You don’t have this problem.
    So far we don’t have trick and treat children here. It’s not yet the use. At least in our street I don’t know maybe somewhere else they do it. Halloween only moved in slowly since 2000.
    Jientje is now at the airport !

    1. So, Gattina, when are YOU coming to Hawaii? Of course, by the time you arrive, I will be living in Washington State. You probably don’t want to come there. It is rainy like Belgium.

    1. Thom — last time I opened the door to trick or treaters when alone, I had a “big one” (that being a grown man) knock me down in my own doorway, grab the candy bowl, pour the contents into his pillow case, then throw the bowl at me. By that time I was back on my feet. He shoved me in my house and slammed the door between us. After that if no one is with me on Halloween, I don’t turn on the lights or open the door.

  2. Hey Quilly, Halloween is a good excuse to build up my candy stash. 🙂
    We will turn our lights out, farm out the dogs, and leave town. And
    celebrate a BDay someplace nice. Saturday will be at a football game
    watching Baylor and Nebraska game in person. We have some really
    good seats given to us.
    Happy Wordless Wednesday, I have retired from those.

  3. Good one (how many fingers do you have, anyway? heehee)

    I’m heading for Florida on Hallowe’en day, so we’re not doing it this year. We made sure it was OK with our Wee One before deciding to go a day early though.

    When are you moving to WA? WHY are you moving to WA? The rain would make me have SADS year round, I swear. Although Toronto lately has been very soggy!

    1. Jenn — some days I have more fingers than others! Have fun in Florida!

      AND, Hawaii is a great place to visit but it isn’t such a great place to live. Heat rash 24/7/365; super expensive products, below average medium income ….

      For the price we pay for the home we have in Hawaii, we could have a four bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, living room, family room, den, dining room, kitchen, breakfast nook, 2 garage house on 11 acres with assorted fruit trees and a private fishing pond — and change left over — on San Juan Island in WA. I told Amoeba that’s the house I wanted. He told me I was mowing the lawn.

  4. no such tradition here although we do have similar customs during the carneval time

    but if i try to blend the cultures, it could be like this:

    all hallows eve
    a witch lights a candle
    on somebody’s grave

  5. Glad to see you at Haiku Wednesday again, there were a lot of small people going from door to door here too and the weather managed to hold out for us too. Did you managed to frighten any wee people then? My Dad used to dress up and answer the door with a scary roar when we were little, the kids coming to our house used to get a fright before they got their chocolate bars!

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