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Time to Say I Love You

Amoeba came home today and took off his watch. There was a nasty red rash around his wrist.  That cheap plastic band is doing a number on his skin.  The heat and humidity here keep him in the pink — literally.  I told him I thought we should look into getting him a better quality watch.  I had in mind something from the seiko diamond watches website.   This is the Seiko SFWX34 Men’s Gold Tone Dress Watch. What every well dressed scientist should be wearing, don’t you think?  The watches are sized free of charge, and right now there is free shipping and handling, too!


  1. Once I retired from teaching the only time I use a watch is when we go on trips. I’m afraid I’m like Gigi. Most of my watches cost less than $40.00.

    1. Kay — my cell phone is pretty much my watch since I’ve come to Hawaii. I get that rash like Amoeba does and I can’t stand it.

  2. That’s a style of watch most likely to be worn by the likes of university administrators. More than my life is worth to be seen wearing one. Excellent time and ancillary functions can be had for less than $25. And I don’t need a bodyguard to wear it.

    1. My love — it really isn’t THAT expensive. Still, for your practical ways I should have picked something much more understated.

  3. After getting one too many rashes like poor Amoeba, my wrist rebels against watches. I rely on others for my time fix — it keeps me social!

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