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Three Word Thursday #34

Welcome to Three Word Thursday #34. This week, joining the quondam obscure word-list, we have suffarcinate; spiscious; & tristifical. We also have a dandy bunch of perspicacious writers. If you enjoy reading my story, leave a comment then click on the names of the other players and go see how they used these bygone words. You’ll be entertained (and possibly educated) all at once.

The 12th Knight of Strawberry Fife

Dragon Eggs

The tristifical sight at his feet caused Sir Evaard to heave, generally adding to the maleolent atmosphere of the Patisserie’s garden. Reluctantly, Evaard rolled the body over. It was Olaf Patisserie. The baker’s skull was concave. Dried gray matter crusted the side of his face.

Despite his roiling stomach, Sir Evaard knelt and inspected the bloating body. Vermin and bugs had already feasted upon the wounds and left their eggs behind. Evaard’s gaze fell upon the jeweled silver brooch still securing Patisserie’s cloak. Reluctantly, he searched the dead baker’s pockets and found his purse suffarcinated with coin.

Whoever had killed the baker was not intent on robbery then. Evaard stood and carefully surveyed the garden. It was a broad, fenced expanse and contained the requisite herbs, vegetables and flowers, but almost everything except Olaf Patisserie was coated in a brown spiscious goo that bore an offal stench. The animal that produced such waste was not one Evaard knew.

He turned his attention toward the house. Olaf’s Patisserie’s body had been here for quite some time, perhaps even since he’d left his bakery the afternoon before; so why had nobody found it and why had no cry been raised? He could well understand it if nobody within the house ever entered into this accursed garden but surely when Mrs. Patisserie ventured out last evening, she knew her husband had not returned home. Why hadn’t she said anything?

Or perhaps she had. Evaard moved purposely toward the back entrance to the cottage. He needed answers so it was time to start asking questions. As he stepped onto the hearthstone, a pile of broken giant urns beside the door claimed his attention. He grabbed one of the shards and examined it. “Holy saints,” he exclaimed. “Dragon eggs!” At least a half-dozen of them.

to be continued
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The 3WT #35 words will be: Your choice of any new words introduced in October.  Remember, you must use at least three

Got it? Good! In that case: Your story is due on: November 5th, 2009


  1. I am so glad I read this first thing in the morning. You have started a whole new diet aid.

    Dr. John will be so excited – dragons.

    I received a few odd looks from the Walmart employees but no comments. And I wrote that last sentence several times without being happy, so like you I gave up and came here. 🙂

    Thursday Thirteen – Fiendish Facts

    1. Nessa — here is a good place to come when all else fails. 😉

      You want I should send you a diet suppressant paragraph every morning? I wonder if I could charge for them?

  2. Somebody dared to steal dragon eggs. How really hitonious an act. My dragons will not be happy. I do hope the dragons aren’t the bad guys in your story. One other thing after reading your episode for the day I’m skipping breakfast. Yuck.

    1. Dr. John — somebody dared something hitonious all right. Stay tuned for next week. In the meantime, try not to hurt yourself jumping to conclusions. 😉

  3. Fortunately, I went out for breakfast before I had a chance to read this Quilly…but I agree, it was pretty icky graphic, but as usual, wonderfully written!

    I believe it is a criminal offense in most jurisdictions to possess dragon’s eggs. Something to do with not being able to control their behavior when they’re in the toddler stage. We hear that the dragons provided the disinformation about Mrs. O’Leary’s cow…

  4. dragon eggs?!? or at least what’s left of them…

    oh, this was brilliantly gross as well… and i can never match you at english… i can do short stuff quite well but would never be able to spin a story the way you are

  5. If you start picking on the poor dragons we will not be happy.
    Note if we had killed him we would have eaten him. If he was cooking with dragon eggs he deserved it.
    Good use of the words though.

    1. Fandango — I sincerely doubt a dragon would have bashed in Patisserie’s head. As to the cooking — shudder. What a horrid thought!

  6. I’m sorry, Quilly Dear, but my perspicacity escapes me tonite. Perhaps another time? In the meantime, though, I’ll revel in what you’ve wrought!

    1. Melissa — we really would like you to join us in our exhumation of ancient words. For the most part we are doing nothing more than giving them one last hurrah, but wouldn’t it be cool if we saved even one?

  7. OMG can you write or what? I have never considered writing for this one but reading it is so much fun look forward to next weeks!

    1. Amanda — thank you for your compliment. Being a great writer isn’t a prerequisite to joining this meme. All you need to do is be willing to have a little fun with words.

  8. Wonderful story Q. I ‘m loving it. I’m so behind in my commenting.But oh well. Time is short here with my family. Wonderful story 🙂 Much aloha 🙂

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