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Time For Beauty

Now, I’m thinking you’re all wondering what to get me for Christmas. Let me make it easy for you. My preference in watch bands is the bangle bracelet.  I don’t like the stretchy watch bands.  It doesn’t take long before my skin starts to feel clammy underneath them — or worse, they twist and pull the hair on my wrist or bite holes in me.  In fact, the watch I have right now has a band that bites holes in me.  The thing is near new and I won’t wear it.

I was visiting the citizen diamond watch website the other day and I fell in love with this beauty.  It is gold tone, has a diamond accent and a beautiful black face.  It is very elegant without being too flashy.  If you all pooled your money together you could get it for me without taxing any one’s budget too much.  Then, every time I looked at it I would be reminded that my blogging buddies are waiting for a new post.  😉

Or, you could go check out the watches and get one for that really special someone in your life.  Just think, every time she glances at her wrist (how many times a day do you look at your watch?)  she’ll think of you.  The watch will be tangible and ticking — just like beat of your heart — and remind her of you.

If you’ll recall, about a month or so ago I said I wanted to get Amoeba a dive watch so he would know how long he had been under, and how long I had been watching for him and worrying.  That watch would not only tell him what time it was, it would remind him of how very much I love him.  Well, that same thought applied to you and your loved one.

And, right now at, shipping and handling are free to the continental United States!  Check out the website.  There are hundreds of watches to choose from — all the brands you love — at prices you’ll appreciate.


    1. Melli — I have been using my cell phone, too, but it really isn’t convenient when carrying a camera, camera bag, purse, tripod …..

  1. I bet you’ll get that lovely watch from your sweetheart. He will want you to think of him each time you look at it.
    It is great that you’re thinking of getting him a dive watch. It would cause you to worry less whenever he’s underwater. It’s a thoughtful, loving gift.
    I don’t wear a watch. I use my cell phone as a watch. If I did wear one, I’d like the one you chose. It truly is a beauty.

    1. JD — Amoeba doesn’t want the dive watch. Alas. Apparently he loses things. And considering how many Bluetooths and how many jack knives he’s gone through, I should have anticipated his response.

  2. I love beautiful watches, but *sniff* nobody gives me any either, and these days it seems an indulgence to buy it for myself.

    Then again, I have a daughter to Christmas shop for…. hmmm… Can you get engravings done on the dial? Like, “Time to Call Mom”?

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