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    1. Nicole — the sun was shining on the flowers. I shot from the shade. The popping color is all natural. The first photo I cropped and added my website. The second photo I added my website only.

  1. Flowers, you and the camera are perfect matches, Quilly. Beautiful shots! The hibiscus is one of my favorite flowers. I also love the bokeh in your second photo. Mine never come out of purpose.

  2. I love those flowers too…. I wish we had MORE of them around here. I used to have them on my deck – but here they are annuals! EXPENSIVE ones! LOL! Your camera actually increases their beauty! It makes you stop and examine them … closely! 🙂

    1. Melli — there are some gorgeous pink ones next door but it always seem that when they’re blooming their prettiest the wind is blowing its worst!

  3. Gorgeous shots. Hibiscus is everywhere here too, in fact, I’d just ticked one I took on Friday’s photowalk for photoshop potential :). Yours don’t need a thing, but mine was taken on a very overcast dark day and could use a bit of help to pop.

    1. Robin — Generally I shoot on automatic focus, but I focused these Hibiscus shots manually because I wanted the stamen to stand out and the camera generally zeros in on the largest mass. I also used my 200 mm lens, which means I had to stand about 3 feet away. I used the zoom feature to get the macro. I like doing my macros that way because the bokeh in the background is so much more pronounced.

    1. Polona — thank you. I am extra proud of these because I didn’t enhance anything. I did crop the first one a bit, but other than that I only added my website.

    1. Barbara — thank you. I was concentrating on the flower column & pistils. I almost always blur them and I was bound-and-determined to get a nice photo.

    1. Kay — thank you. I cheated with the balance in the first one by cropping, but with the exception of adding me website, the second one is just the way it came from the camera.

    1. Jaqueline — I have a great camera and outstanding scenery. Thank you for your praise and encouragement. I still have a long way to go.

  4. I think my hibiscus are dead. I had two beautiful pink ones in large pots that bloomed all summer and into the fall. We had our first frost a few weeks ago and now they are wilting. I WAS going to try to move them into the heated garage to see if I could keep them through the winter, but I was too late. Your photos are stunning!

    1. Church Lady — if you have the room, you might go ahead and move them into the garage in case the roots didn’t freeze. They might come up from the root stalk. Of course, in which case you may get the original flower rather than your pretty pink hybrid.

  5. Your photos are gorgeous! Such grace in the curves of that second one especially. We don’t have hibiscus here—what, they don’t *like* 40-degree summers and gale force winds or something?
    Me neither.

  6. They just glow. Stunning. I might snag the second one as my new desktop wallpaper. I seem to be on a red kick at the moment, and that ought to warm up the winter months. 😀

  7. Outstanding shots, Quilly!! we have two old hibiscus , which came with the house (so they are at least over 30 yo) and they have beautiful red flowers. We planted two yellow/pastel ones who are doing fine but are still little…. We have wonderful hibiscus flowers whenever there is a dry spell and the rest of the garden looks like it’s going to dry out/die on us completely…strange thing, I think.

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