Verbena & The Bee


I just wanted to brighten things up with a splash of color.
It’s raining here and it was a cool, gray day.

Legend has it that Common Vervain was used to pack Jesus’ wounds when he was taken from the cross.  For that reason it is also called the Holy Herb.

Common Name(s): Vervain, verbena, yerba de Santa Ana, enchanter’s plant, herb of the cross, Juno’s tears, pigeon’s grass, pigeonweed, herb of grace, prostrate verbena, erba croce, erba dei tagli

20 thoughts on “Verbena & The Bee

  1. These flowers are called “Flor dura” here, meaning “flower that is very resistant”. They are great for people like me, who always forget to water their plants…. 🙂
    You photo is stunning and I would love to have a dreary gray day!

  2. Hm. I had never heard that legend before. It is pretty – and one of the few things that I have sometimes been able to keep alive for a few months… but not always. It’s a perfect little cheer you up for a gray day!

    • Melli — I’d never previously heard the legend, either, but after the first place I read about it I Googled and found plenty of other non-related references.

    • Barbara — no, Hawaii doesn’t have a lot more plant varieties than any other state. Also, most of these plants are not native to Hawaii, but have instead been imported. What Hawaii does have is the ability to grow bright, flashy flowers and showcase them well.

  3. another beaut! i only wish the bee was more cooperative and turned toward your camera. then again, i know how difficult it is to get these critters to pose

    • Polona — indeed. I waited for a long time for him to turn, but when he was finished, he just flew away like the camera and I were of no importance!

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