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Thanksgiving at Our House

Because we have the largest abode, Thanksgiving will be at our house again this year.  OJM says she is bringing the turkey.  She hasn’t told me yet what I am providing.  I am not quite certain who else is coming, but the door will be open and the table will be set — sort of.

Actually, Amoeba and I are pretty light on possessions.  Somehow we knew our stay in Hawaii would be “short time” and we didn’t collect too much.  So, every time we have a get-together we eat off paper plates.  That’s why I have been looking at Paula Deen Dinnerware sets and dreaming of serving my guests on real plates.

Another thing I always miss when we have large gathering is my Mini Slow Cooker. I used to have a couple of them and they are great for keeping the side dishes piping hot.  Of course, I still have my full-sized slow cooker, but I doubt we will have any 6 quart side dishes!

Even though I won’t have these wonderful conveniences for this holiday season, I have bookmarked so once we’re back on the mainland, I can stock my kitchen.  I have many recipes I haven’t cooked in ages just because I’ve not had the tools that make doing so easy.   This holiday season if you are looking for something and don’t want to pay any more for it than absolutely necessary, be sure to check out the comparison shopping feature at


  1. We’re light on possessions, too. We’ve moved around so much. Except for books, of course.
    Ah, Thanksgiving. I’ll resurrect my mantra for this time:



    1. Nessa — I left both my mini crockpots behind and will be starting over again, but I am getting anxious to be back in a part of the world where it isn’t always too hot to cook.

  2. I would love to entertain and have big dinners, but it’s happened so rarely because we live too far away, or our house is just too small, or or or. Hopefully in a few years’ time we’ll be settled enough to do it right!

    Meanwhile, have fun planning yours—I like the mini-crockpot idea too!

    1. Susan — I am not “planning”. I am allowing the party goers to meet in my home and doing whatever Lavon tells me to. Mostly we are all about laughter and food, but Lavon is about “doing things right”, so Lavon (OJM) is in charge.

  3. I used to LOVE big family get togethers when I was a kid. But then I grew up and realized who my relatives were. NOW I can’t wait until all my kids are married with children so we can have BIG family get togethers again! But for right now… it’s still just us.

  4. We use paper plates with big family get-togethers just so as to ease the clean-up. 😀 But once when my folks and sisters were here we did eat off the real plates one meal just for a more civilized change of pace.

    My slow cooker is good for big “company meals,” but we got a small one a few years ago for regular family meals. In fact, I was just thinking of a barbecue pork chop recipe I made in there one time and hoping I kept the recipe — it was one I got out of a magazine.

    1. Barbara — I mostly use my crockpot for roasts and soups. That usually means filling it up — especially with roast because I always cook enough to make a couple of dishes with the left over beef.

  5. I received a slow cooker as a gift once but never used it and eventually donated it to Goodwill. Somehow, the concept of leaving food in it for hours never turned me on.

  6. I only have a big crockpot (sometimes not big enough, LOL) but I can see the advantage of mini-cookers.
    Using paper plates for big get-togethers is a great way to de-stress and enjoy your company. (This from a recycling geek!!)

    1. Karen — I do mean PAPER plates, not styrofoam. And I am not big on doing dishes, but the thought of someone cooking for hours then delivering food clear across the island for me to eat, and my serving it on paper seems so wrong.

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