The Slide Away Bed

Okay, I’m loving this!  Believe it or not, this is a bed.  It is called the next generation Murphy bed wall bed.  It appears as a mild-mannered couch by day, then folds out and becomes a sexy bed by night.

This would fit so well in a multi-purpose room which is sometimes used as a guest room.  We have a blow up bed and it is perfectly comfortable, but it has to be put up and taken down.   This just folds away.

This bed also has a third personality.  In the half-fold position it makes a lovely and comfortable recliner.  Amoeba and I could snuggle up together with our laptops at hand and once again do our work side-by-side like we did when we lived in Makaha.  With that thought in mind, maybe we would put it in the office.

I realize I am furnishing a house I’ve not even seen yet, but it never hurts to dream.  Besides, this way when we’re house shopping, I already have furnishing options in mind.   And, since I would get to build my own bed — pick out the wood, choose the knobs and fixtures, and select pillows and mattress covers from over 120 patterns — I could choose it to exactly fit the room.   One of the material patterns is called Amoeba.  You know I was liking that, but then I had to wonder, if my Amoeba sat on that couch would I even be able to see him?

23 thoughts on “The Slide Away Bed

  1. Goodness me! Murphy beds are NOT what they used to be! Quilly… memory foam mattress and all! Ohhhhhhhhh… but I’ll never get to sleep on it…. I’ve been banned… 🙁

    I’m fine… just readjusting my thought processes…

    • Melli — Amoeba says no one stays in our home who isn’t known by someone we know. Unfortunately for you, the only one who can vouch for you has no credibility of her own … 😉

  2. I like the way it folds out. I don’t think I’d like the height of the wooden side pieces while I was laying down with my head facing wood. But it is a neat solution, though a bit too bulky for my sewing/craft room.

    And not complaining but just noting with five posts since yesterday, you outdid Thom today! 🙂

  3. My sister had a Murphy bed . We used to sleep on it when we visited. It was about the same caliber as a sleeper sofa. We used to just take the mattress off the frame and sleep on the floor. They have definitely come a long way since then.

  4. I love this. It would be perfect for my guest bedroom. Bed, seating, storage… I love it. Well you have to get the Amoeba pattern. I went with Raven’s Gemstone for my countertop and it is just perfect.

  5. That looks fabulous! I really am hating looking for furniture. We still haven’t found that king bedroom furniture we need. Sheesh! That Murphy bed is really amazing though.

  6. Quilly I seen those before, in Europe they have them in the living room and they fold into a nice wall unit credenza – you would never know. Anna 🙂

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