The Slide Away Bed

Okay, I’m loving this!  Believe it or not, this is a bed.  It is called the next generation Murphy bed wall bed.  It appears as a mild-mannered couch by day, then folds out and becomes a sexy bed by night.

This would fit so well in a multi-purpose room which is sometimes used as a guest room.  We have a blow up bed and it is perfectly comfortable, but it has to be put up and taken down.   This just folds away.

This bed also has a third personality.  In the half-fold position it makes a lovely and comfortable recliner.  Amoeba and I could snuggle up together with our laptops at hand and once again do our work side-by-side like we did when we lived in Makaha.  With that thought in mind, maybe we would put it in the office.

I realize I am furnishing a house I’ve not even seen yet, but it never hurts to dream.  Besides, this way when we’re house shopping, I already have furnishing options in mind.   And, since I would get to build my own bed — pick out the wood, choose the knobs and fixtures, and select pillows and mattress covers from over 120 patterns — I could choose it to exactly fit the room.   One of the material patterns is called Amoeba.  You know I was liking that, but then I had to wonder, if my Amoeba sat on that couch would I even be able to see him?