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So You Wannabe a Pop Star

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Popstation. All opinions are 100% mine.

So you want to be a pop star! PopStation is willing to give you the chance. It’s karaoke all grown up and in this contest, you don’t win a round of drunken applause, you could walk away with a record deal.

You think you can sing? You want a chance to find out if you’ve got star quality? Register at Pop Station — totally free! — pick a song and spend a couple weeks in the practice rooms getting a feel for the music and sound track, then record your piece and wait for the voting to begin.

There are several ways to win at Pop Station.  You can win digital platinum, gold and silver records, which will also earn you Pop Station points that will be used to determine your ranking in the play list.  But what you want to win is The Big Deal.  Take your song to #1 and you win an exclusive recording deal and an all-expense paid trip to a hip NYC hotel and two days with pros in a recording studio.

At Pop Station every song is a contest.  You must be over 13 to enter (18 in Maine).  Minors should secure permission from their parents before competing.  You can record your song from your own computer with a headset and microphone. Complete step-by-step details are available on the Pop Station website.  Entries will be featured for eight weeks.  Voting is done by your peers — any registered user of Pop Station.  The final winner of the grand prize recording session will be picked from the popular winners by the contest sponsor.

If you know you’d make it big if you’d only get heard, here’s a way to make people listen.  Take your talent and your hustle to Pop Station and take a shot at your dream.

You can follow Pop Station on My Space, Twitter & Facebook.

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  1. Ohhhhhh boy! When I think of all the BAD music MY 13 year old friends made when I was a teenager — and they were suuuuuuuure they were good…. I just can’t imagine what will come across on THOSE airwaves!!! But … I think it’s great to give EVERY kid a chance! 🙂

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