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Joy at Waimea Beach

Tuesday was a fun full day. Amoeba went snorkeling. Joy went snorkeling. I went tidepooling, and my cellphone learned to swim. Well, actually, my cell phone sunk and despite extensive CPR, it did not recover. However, everybody else had a good time!

We started out at Waimea Beach. We parked the car, and wandered down to the sea to see what we could see. We saw this:

Waimea Beach

Joy waded into the water, then found a stick and wrote love letters in the sand which she photgraphed with her cell phone and immediately sent home.


Then I asked her to stand up and smile for the camera. She did.

Joy at Waimea Beach

I can make about 6 more posts out of the day, so stay tuned for more.


  1. Isn’t she the cutest thing? I love her tiptoes stance there.
    I love this post; it reminds me of whenever we went to the beach anywhere, we’d write a big hello and love for my mother, and take a photo to send to her. Those are great memories.

  2. SHE is adorable! The water is gorgeous… and I wish I was there with you! I would be happy to get ONE post out of it! šŸ™‚

    Your cell phone should have had a chat with my OLD cell phone and then it would have knOwn not to take a dive! I hope it was insured…

  3. What beautiful scenery! I love the idea of writing notes in the sand to photograph and send.

    Poor cell phone! But I guess its untimely demise put you in the market for a new one. My husband and son LOVE getting new technology and seeing what all it will do while I cling to what I already know how to use. But usually once I get used to the new one, I’m fine.

  4. Hi Quilly. That Joy has a lucky boyfriend! Nobody ever e-videoed love message pictures in the sand to me.
    Right around there and othe other side of the highway we had the best macadamia nut meringue pie that I have ever eaten.
    Have a nice weekend. Read the weather report for Seatle. šŸ™‚

  5. What wonderful photos. Joy is a real cutie. You mean you’ve never taught your cell phone to swim and you live in Hawai’i? pffft

  6. I love her idea of capturing the notes in the sand and sending them home…I’ll need to give that a try the next time I hit the beach. What a magical day! I’m so glad you shared it as richly as you did. Thanks!

  7. Hi Quilly. The last time David and I went to the North Shore, the place was packed with people and cars. We were trapped in traffic for miles. I have forgotten what the special sight was that we wanted to see, but we lost patience, turned around and went home without seeing it.

    Lovely photos!

  8. I always love looking at your Pictures of the Ocean. Looks like you all had a Grand Time. Sorry to hear about the cell phone.

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