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  1. A week ago? I was writing haiku.
    This morning? I am counting on my fingers to make sure you did it right! I think I need a nap…

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Lovely thoughts Quilly. We tend to pat ourselves on the back when they’re doing well and do the otherwise when they’re not…

    I participated and gave you credit at Silly Haiku. Hope you win the challenge and the fabulous trip to Hawaii that’s the prize. Oh wait, you already got the trip to Hawaii.

    1. Kelley — it’s the “my kid/your kid” syndrome. And thanks for participating in the silly Haiku. The contest doesn’t start until next week, but I am not going for the win. The Haiku just makes Wednesday fun.

  3. Like your haiku. For sure I’m not CHICKEN.
    We did fine regardless of our parents, I am not sure of the current generation.
    Thanks for the Shark’s Cove Grill pictures. Hawaii doesn’t lack for good food.

    1. Jim, if you’re not chicken we’ll be seeing your Haiku next week, yes? The theme is Challenge and there’s a contest to go with. Check it out at Jenn’s place. [click the link above]

  4. Lovely Haiku Quilly, so very true in it’s words. I love the photo it is gorgeous, it’s one of your is it not? I thought I saw this little angel on your flicker.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day Quilly I hope it is peaceful for you both.

    1. Amanda — since mid 2008 or so, all photos on this site are mine unless otherwise indicated. You did see this little one on Flickr. I took her photos at an Oahu Civic Orchestra concert. She was rapt in the music.

      Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Yeah, well said! I look at a couple of my teen’s friends, and often wonder what their lives would be like if their parents weren’t so negligent. Being involved is necessary, if even to show them that you love them and you’re there for them, regardless.

    Oh look at that, will you? Where did that soap box come from…??

    Well done! The challenge isn’t until next week, but groovy to see the challenge image here today! 😉

    1. Jenn — I wonder that of myself! My dad said I wasn’t college material. I worked as a housekeeper for years. At 31 I decided to check out college anyway and tested in at the 99th percentile. Makes me wonder who I’d be if I hadn’t grown up thinking I was none too bright.

    1. Polona — I know you are a master at true Haiku so I doubly appreciate this offering!

      Some children do wither. Others pick themselves up and go on and become more than ever could be imagined. If I knew what made the difference between those extremes, I would heal all those hurting.

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