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Tidepools at Shark’s Cove

Another post with photos from our day with Joy.   I gave Joy my snorkeling stuff and sent her off with the scientist (Amoeba) to hunt for exciting sea life, while I played with the boring stuff in the shallows.   I have no idea what Amoeba was showing Joy in this photo, but I know it was neither boring nor slimy.  Had it been she wouldn’t be so close!

(click on photos for larger view)

Amoeba teaches
Amoeba teaching Joy, Phycology Marine Biology 101

Now, when I said I got the boring stuff, one has to remember that boring is relative.

Angel Fish
An Angel Fish swimming in the Shark's Cove inner tidepool.

Some things were easy to see.
Somethings were not so easy to see.

Little Green Crab on Lava Rock

These lovely zebra striped angel fish and dozens of little schools of tiny, almost see through, silvery fish darted everywhere.

tidepool dwellers
Zebra Striped Angel Fish

I don’t know the name of these little fish. They were the most plentiful and easily noticeable denizens of the inner tidal pools, darting this way and that so quickly that I took dozens of photos of them but only a few came out.

unknown silvery fish
Darting silverfish, name unknown by me.

When no fish could be found, there were other things to focus the camera on.

sea sculpture
Sea Sculpture

This flashy, colorful sea creature followed me every where I went.
Quite often it annoyed me by scaring off creatures I hoped to photograph.

Quilly toes
Quilly's Toes


  1. hi, cousin! 😉

    oh, i would love to explore the treasures the tidepools hide. perhaps those tiny silvery fish were just babies of bigger fishes

    1. Polona — I am sure those silvery fish are babies of bigger fishes. And I am trying to figure out if you’re related to the fish, the crab or my foot?

      1. well, a few days ago i posted a photo of a couple of crabs on a rock and you said you’d captured their cousin. i am related to the fish, at least astrologically, and although your foot is not related to mine it does bear a certain similarity

  2. I love your pictures. They reminded me of all the life in the shallow part of the lake where my Aunt Jennie had her camp. The fish weren’t as pretty but there were lots of them and us kids loved it.

  3. I love to go exploring sea life! It just amazes how colorful it is and how some sea creatures are camouflaged in their surroundings. I could spend hours snorkeling. Looks like you had a fun day.

    Have a wonderful Turkey Day. Can’t wait to see your guests sporting the turkey hat!

    1. Chruch Lady — yes, there was one Trigger Fish I never did get a good shot of because he blended in too well with the rocks and sand.

  4. But Amoeba — you didn’t tell her (and us) what the little silvery fish were!

    That looks like a great way to spend the afternoon…or week.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. But, mom, I did! I told her exactly what they were. Little silvery fish! (Ichthyologists use “little silvery fish” as a cuss word, in lieu of saying ‘hell, I don’t know either, there’s a million of ’em and they all look alike!’

    2. Kelley — I asked him. He told me. I said, “Uh-ugh, you have to tell her that yourself.” I note that he did — and it’s just as funny reading it as when he said it.

  5. Mr Mar loves to eat sea urchins…not me, I’d rather watch those beautiful fish.
    Nice toes, quilly, but your flip-flops steal the show 🙂

    1. Mar — EAT sea urchins? I’d never heard of such a thing! (My Amoeba assures me it is so.)

      Thanks for liking my toes. Thom thinks they are horrid.

  6. I keep checking back in hopes the Three Words will be up so I can see what to write to… but they’re not. :o( I shall soon be going to bed and will be up and out early tomorrow. Oh well, maybe next week I can write… I’ll come get & save the words for next week. Have a very happy Thanks Giving!!

    1. Alice — it is Thanksgiving. We are busy with other things. Sorry I didn’t tell you, but since you aren’t a regular, I didn’t even think of it!

    1. Kay — the sea dissolved the glue in those wonderful slippers. I have bought ShoeGoo and am trying to repair them. I hope it holds!

      Taking the photos was easy until the wind came up and rippled the water.

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