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St. Andrews Cathedral

St. Andrew’s Cathedral & Priory had a fund raiser today and Stanton Haugen’s Thursday Night Jazz Band kicked off the festivities at 9:00 a.m. Amoeba plays in the band, so we were there bright and early. While the band set up and did all their squeaky, squawky tuning of instruments, I decided to walk around to the front of the church and see what the building looked like. To my surprise, the sanctuary was open.

This is the church:


This is the steeple:


Open the doors:


And see:


Come on, you didn’t really think
I’d take pictures during service, did you?

sanctuary 2

Stay tuned for more ….


      1. Understandable.
        At least you got some great shots from the inside.
        Not like me on Saturday, grmbl….. but I was warned that you can’t take pics inside, mpf…

  1. I have taken pictures DURING service! OF the service. Pastor knows I’m trying to get “the perfect” shot of him consecrating the bread. He doesn’t mind. I would NOT take pictures that would take my mind OFF the service. But anyway … THAT is a BEAUTIFUL cathedral! I like how it’s all modernish on the outside – but then oldish on the inside. How old IS it Quilly? Do you know? Those front windows are phenomenal! I LOVE it!

    1. Melli —
      I took photos during service today. I was trying to capture the liturgical dancers. Unfortunately, other people were taking communion and a few heads got in my way — one of them even belongs to an amoeba!

  2. What a beautiful church and amazing pictures!! I must admit I only go to churches to admire their architecture, so thanks for showing this one!

  3. Oh, I can just about imagine chamber music in such a stunning setting. I would definitely have to visit. I find it really, really hard to take photos in a church, and I am not that religious, but still… Surely these beauteous works of art made to glorify God are not meant to be kept hidden.

    1. Violet — I felt a bit uneasy taking photos since it wasn’t my church and I didn’t want to disrespect the people who worship there, but they were having an open house, so I compromised and was very discrete.

  4. What a lovely building & grounds. I hope the people are equally lovely on the inside.

    Our former town hosted a Dixieland Jazz fest the first weekend of July, and we would have an invited (and probably compensated, but I don’t know for sure) band come to lead worship that Sunday. I loved it!

    1. Karen — the jazz band Amoeba plays with doesn’t charge — and even if they did charge, St. Andrew’s Priory would probably be a donated event because one of the clarinet players in the band is the school music director.

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