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Get Bidazzled!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Bidazzled. All opinions are 100% mine.

There is a new online auction market, Bidazzled and it was created to fund the Ruch Foundation, a lung cancer charity.   ( If you enjoy shopping online and like auction prices, you can be socially responsible while saving up to 90% by purchasing products through Bidazzled.

There is a video on the Bidazzled website that will explain the process much better than I can.  I suggest you watch that video, but I am going to try to explain anyway.  All bids start at 18 cents and go up in 18 cent increments.  Bids are set for a given length of time.  A countdown clock shows the remaining time and the current bid price.  Unlike other auctions, no one can come in at the last second and place a winning bid.  That is because if a bid is placed in the final seconds of the item, the clock resets giving participants 18 seconds to respond.  In other words, Bidazzled works much more like an actual auction.  Going … going … oh!  and we have another bid! … going, going … gone!  And the winner is … everybody!

Yep.  Everybody.  At Bidazzled nobody ever loses an auction.  If you don’t win the bid, you earn more bidding points as a thank you for participating.  You can also win bidding points by referring your friends and family.  There is a chart on the website that explains how points accumulate.

Bidding points can be earned and/or they can be purchased.  Between now and January 15th, if you register at Bidazzled and use this coupon code BBP1202A you will receive 15 additional bids.  Keep in mind that 2 Nintendo Wii’s have already sold for 5 bids — and even without the above code — 5 free bids are included in your registration.

So lets recap:

  • online auction shopping
  • no last second under-cutting (trying to do so adds time to the clock)
  • you may not win your item, but you will get bonus bid points for participating
  • you will get 20 free bids (if you use the coupon code from this post before January 15th)
  • and,  all proceeds go to charity!

Sounds like a win-win situation for everybody.  So what are you waiting for?  Go get Bidazzled!

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  1. Hey – I tried to go there and get you some brownie points and help a good cause but it won’t let me register. It says it already has someone registered from my IP address…and I’ve never been there before so I don’t know what the deal is…

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