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Crystal Quest, Crystal Clean Water

When I lived in Vegas I had a water filter attached to my sink.  The city water quality reports were exemplary.  Supposedly our tap water was among the cleanest in the nation. Great — but it smelled like wash water.  All the chemicals used to make it clean, made it less than appetizing.

I bought a CrystalQuest Faucet Water Filter and installed it myself in a matter of minutes. I had clean water from the tap at my immediate request. The CrystalQuest Faucet Water Filter has a switch on the side so one can bypass the filter system (thus making it last longer) when using water for non-consumption purposes — like washing the dishes.

If you’re thinking you’d like filtered water at your fingertips, visit the Water Filter Super Store and check out their wide range of water purifying systems. From water pitchers to whole house filtration, can meet your needs with an environmentally safe product at a price your pocket book can afford.


  1. We have really bad water where we live (considered rural, and we’re on a well… ok, 2 wells) so we put a massive water treatment system in our basement, complete with UV filters, nano filters, etc.etc. and a huge holding tank. The result is the purest, nicest tasting water I’ve ever had. I have allergies to chlorine so the very thought of drinking tap water anywhere else makes me queasy! We stopped buying bottled water a while ago – it’s just pointless when you can get better stuff from your own tap 🙂 Why pollute the environment when you don’t have to?

  2. I wish I’d had one of these when we lived in Texas. Everyone else in the family thought the tap water was fine, but I went through a gallon jug of bottled water every day.

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