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What Did I Do?

My friend Angela just sent me an email that made me giggle. It read, “If you saw ME in the back of a police car what would you think I got arrested for?” I was supposed to come up with an answer to that question and mail it back to her — for me that was easy. If Angela ever got arrested I am certain it would be for assaulting a passenger in her car with a beverage of some kind.

When Angela and I worked in the same office together at Lewis-Clark State College, whenever we made a lunch run, I returned to the office wearing a beverage. I think the most memorable occasion was the Frosty in my shoes. They were my favorite green pumps and she accessorized them with chocolate ice cream!

Every time it happened, Angela always swore — while holding her stomach, laughing and crying, all at once — that is was an accident, but it can’t really be an accident if it is done consistently, now can it? However, what I really wonder about is my own gullibility — why would I go out and get in the car with her time after time when I knew she was going to spill something sticky on me?

So there, you’ve heard the Angela story and what I think she would do to get arrested. Now I’m going to ask:

If you saw ME in the back of a police car
what would you think I got arrested for?

Leave your answer in the comments and I’ll get even with you later.


  1. For posting 9 posts today is what you need to get arrested for!!!!! Are you trying to go for the title of Posting Queen? Well you got it today!!!! But wait, I’ve got a better one…for making everyone wear that ridiculous turkey hat at Christmas…bout time they came and threw you in the loony bin!!!!

  2. OMG, the nerve of Mr. Thom up there, who is only jealous because he only manages to post EIGHT some days. Pffft.

    I’d assume you were being rescued, or escorted as a witness, or that your cousin-the-state-trooper was giving you a lift home. I wouldn’t think you were being arrested.

      1. Susan — yes, and Thom totally expects everyone to read each of his. I totally expect people to skip the paid ads if they aren’t interested in the product!

  3. I think you will be arrested for promoting a fraudulent product on your website. Like when it turns out that Harlequin only publishes one book under twelve titles.

  4. Silverneurotic is on the right track. But I’m with Thom today! Good GRIEF woman! 5 posts overnight! I kept up well with you yesterday — but these are LONG posts! 😛 There should be an LAW about how many words one can publish in a day! THERE! Verbal Assault! (that’s real isn’t it???) LOL!

      1. Melli & Thom — don’t read the paid posts unless they interest you! I had about $60.00 worth of business that HAD to be conducted by midnight last night — plus, each post is supposed to have at least one non-paid post in between. (Only iron clad in Social Spark, but PayPerPost has a ratio of 2 non-paid for every paid post).

  5. Hmmm, let’s see…given your love of photography, if you were to be arrested for something, I think it would have to be taking photos of something you should not be photographing! Or, for trespassing on private property to take a photo! Otherwise, I can tell you are an upstanding citizen and would never break any laws!

    1. Church Lady — I just explained to Amoeba when I would and wouldn’t consider trespassing. He says I should have outgrown, “Everybody else is doing it!” in high school. Pft!

    1. Akelamalu — that won’t hold up in court because I find all the words I use already on the internet! Other people used them first so someone has heard of them!

  6. Probably for making someone laugh so hard that they lost control of their car and poured beverages all over their friends lap, shoes or whatever. But boy I would be in the back of the car with you for reckless driving. SMILES 🙂

  7. if anyone ever arrested you they would have to be devoid of any sense of humour at all… however, people have been arrested and even killed for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or being the ‘wrong’ colour or nationality or religion…

  8. Hmmm. Since this post and its comments are PEPPERED with Thom’s harrassment, I would suspect it might be for A SALT!

    Can’t say as I’d blame you, but I imagine they’d insist on some kind of PUNishment.

    1. Linda — since Thom is always telling me to bite him I am certain spices will be necessary. One of those cube steak hammers might be handy, too.

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