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Needs Furniture, Yes?

living room I am still obsessing about my new home rather than packing up my current one. That stops on Monday and the work starts. In the meantime, I’m daydreaming about furniture and things again.

Here is another view of the living room.  The fireplace from my post yesterday is just to the right of the sliding glass doors.  This photo also shows a bit of the dining room and the lunch bar off the kitchen.

We have a dining room table set.  Other than that, this whole place needs furnished.  Luckily, Amoeba and I are pretty much minimalists, so we won’t be packing it full.

We’re also very thrifty so I was happy to find online coupons and promo codes for  I have been checking out sofas and love seats and sectionals and recliners and — I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that we’re going to be sitting on the floor for awhile.  Maybe I’ll just go back to picking out clocks and wall art.


  1. I’d say you have alot of rooms to furnish! Take your time and make sure it is something you will love and that it is comfortable. It looks gorgeous! Show me more!!

  2. I thought you were kidding when you posted the 1st pic of the fireplace. Is this really going to be your new home, Q? Seems spacious and it looks beautiful. I would not mail order my furniture. My aunt did that from Hong Kong and the coffee table arrived dented. Buy at local stores.

    1. Gigi — the local population is right around 2000 people. There is one furniture store on the island and it is VERY high end. Luckily, Seattle is nearby, but we will still have to worry about delivery fees to the island, or rent a U-Haul and do it ourselves.

    1. Kay — we haven’t seen it yet. I found the house ad online, sent for photos, then one of Amoeba’s future co-workers (a man he has known for years) checked it out for us. He said it was a spacious new home and he’d be willing to live in it himself. That was good enough for us. We signed a year’s lease.

  3. Looks so beautiful! I love it. I especially love that the kitchen is hidden from the living room. I know it´s all the rage, to have big open all in one rooms, but I still like to keep my kitchen private (it does not look that good in there all the time…). I bet you´re so excited to see this in person!!

    1. Betty — I generally keep my kitchen tidy, but I also prefer it not be seen from the rest of the house because it isn’t tidy while I’m using it!

    1. Thena — we’ve seen it, sort of. These photos and the word of a man we throughly trust. I once rented an apartment with less of a visual and it turned out fine.

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