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Running Out of Time

I haven’t got my Christmas cards done yet.  This year I planned to have cards made from my own photos but I haven’t gotten anything picked out yet or sent to the printer.  I suppose the good news is, I have received any Christmas cards, so I am not too far behind. Does anyone know how long it takes to get Digital Photo Cards made?

On the other hand, I don’t think most of last years cards got mailed. I signed them all and then kept forgetting to buy stamps. I wonder if they’re still around here someplace? I could dig them out and have them in the mail toot-sweet! Nobody really wanted a photo of Amoeba in his snorkel gear for Christmas anyway, right?

Suffice it to say that if you’re standing by your mailbox waiting for a card from you, you might as well go back in your house.  Make yourself some hot chocolate, pop a DVD in to watch, and kick back.  It’s gonna be a couple of days yet.


  1. I got mine from Vista Print either last year or the year before. They came within a couple of days. I was surprised by the speed. I don’t know if they have Walmart or Wallgreens in HI, but you could probably upload them online and pick them up at the location you choose in 24 hours or less.

  2. Youd could use my method….get one – send one. Actually, I do send out a digital photo card to my close friends and family, but I also have some generic cards on “standby” to send out when I receive one from a long lost pal.

    1. Church Lady — that is exactly what I planned to do. I even thought about sending New Years cards instead because we’ll have to announce the move.

  3. I used to go all-out for Christmas cards, I love them, but this year it’s one of the things that I (sadly) cut from the budget. I like custom cards too, so am glad for the link! Hopefully I can go nuts next year LOL

    1. Susan — my sister makes cards. I just got one yesterday afternoon (my first card of the season). I bet that is something you would love.

  4. Ha! I never finished sending out cards last year, either (but I lost track of who received them and who didn’t, so I just stopped where I was).

    A few weeks ago, I decided that nothing was really new with us. I told my husband I didn’t want to write our annual amusing letter. He agreed, and I thought I’d just send out inexpensive cards and a small picture of the boys.
    But then we started getting Christmas cards… so now I’ve got 100 wallet-sized prints (Costco is FAST!) of the 4 boys together and I’ve been cutting cardstock (mats and the actual card) and a short poem I wrote to explain why there isn’t the usual letter. And THEN the 3 older kids signed up to go on a mission trip this summer, so we have an additional slip of paper to insert with the request for prayers and donations.
    I think I should have stuck with the annual letter. I’m already sick of cutting and pasting and there is a LOT more to do.

  5. LOL! Well, I finally took MOST of mine to the post office today…. I still have a few to address… but I’ve gotten really lazy with the cards. I used to write cute family letters each year… that was several years ago. Then it slipped down to just a personal note in each card. Then it slipped down to a signature! Most of the people that I send cards to are people I see all the time!

    You might be able to go print your own at Walmart or CVS.

  6. I did a newsletter with photos and sent them out today. I ran off my own color copies at Office Depot. I’m late this year. I sent out a pdf copy by e-mail to a fourth of our list with a personal message to each person. I think I’ve gotten about a half dozen cards so far.

    1. Kay — you are too efficient for me. With the current stress I am under, I just want to sit in the corner and hide. Too much to do! I blog instead. Somehow that doesn’t help.

  7. I checked on that today. My local pharmacy will print a card using my own photo. Not sure how nice it will look but I’m taking my memory card back tomorrow.
    20 for five dollars.
    Now, if I can only get the perfect photo. 🙂

    1. Carletta — my problem is also selecting a photo! And I think I’ve decided to go with a New Years card announcing our move, so I may wait to do the photo then, and just send Christmas store bought cards now.

  8. I’ve finished making all of mine and hope to send them out this weekend.

    Last year, I did cards of one of my photos through Walmart. They should have been done in a week but they kept messing them up. I did it online and picked them up in the store. I mailed them out a week before Christmas and they still arrived in time, even to Europe.

    Six Random Words

  9. Like Thom, I haven’t started anything yet. Well, last night I did do some looking through photos I’ve taken, got a start on it anyway. I plan to PhotoShop some of my poems onto some of my photos, take them to the kiosk in WalMart to get them printed (some 5×7, most 8×10) then mat them, add a signature, and wrap them in clear plastic. If anyone wants theirs framed they are welcome to do that themselves, haha.

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