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  • The 12 Days of Christmas, Hawaiian Style Winner ~ Extra Day

The 12 Days of Christmas, Hawaiian Style Winner ~ Extra Day

The 12 Days of Christmas, Hawaiian Style


Riddle: Why won’t Santa eat Twinkes?

Answer: Because he prefers Ho-Hos!

Winner: Susan from Stony River!

Congratulations Susan. You now have 24 hours to email Quilly with your mailing address.

Head on over to Thom’s place for today’s riddle.

Mahalo for playing.



  1. Congrats, Susan! There were 12 eligible answers for today’s drawing. The random number generator picked #8.

    Susan, there should two packages of chocolate covered Macadamia nuts in your package. I don’t know for certain because Thom sealed the boxes. We had an argument over whether or not he had to give you both of them. I’m worried he may have eaten one. You should also have two key chains, two letter openers and two post cards. I know the cup and the dolphin are in the box because I packed them.

  2. PFFFT…I cannot for the life of me believe this. I’m gonna make sure I heist this one package before it gets shipped I tell ya. Oh I know. we can put this on the rocket launcher with the damn Fruitcake. A Fruity package for a fruity woman.

  3. Oh boy Quilly, you’ve made my day, you have no idea. All the riddles and comments over the past two weeks have been the *best* Christmas party, and have really put me in the holiday spirit. Mahalo!!

  4. Congrats to Susan!!

    And I’m amazed you got the riddles off the internet ’cause I tried looking up some of the harder ones, and all it did was lead me back to this contest!

  5. YAAAAAAAAAAAY for SUSAN!!! THAT makes me HAPPY! Nobody won two times did they? I like that too! 🙂 Thanks AGAIN for all the fun Quilly & Thom! This was grand!

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