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She: I’m really looking forward to our move next month!

He: Yeah. I can tell.

She: Well, not only will I have a kitchen that’s bigger than a bread box, I’ll actually have old friends and family who can come see my kitchen! Like the ones who live in Kent, Washington.

He: Kent?

She: Yeah. It’s near Seattle.

He: That any relation to George?

She: Oh, please …

He: So you have been there, then?

She: Yes. And to Martha, too.

He: Which is the next town over from George. Precisely. So the next town over from Kent should be Clark.

She: […] So where are those Dude imaginary friends of yours?

He: What imaginary friends?

She: The ones I’m expecting to blurt out, any second now, ‘Man, that’s super’. Not. Besides, smart guy, there already is a Clark, but it’s down south, almost in Oregon, nowhere near Kent.

He: Well, they’re just going to have to move it, that’s all.

She: What for? It’s perfectly fine where it is. Especially since there’s room down there for the new town they’re going to have to build next to Clark. Might not be any room left near Kent.

He: New town?

She: Gable.

He: Hate to clue you, love, but you’re really dating yourself. Maybe if you told the twentysomethings among your legions of fans, that if they think Taylor Lautner circa 1935, they might get the idea.

She: Even in the twilight of his career …

He: But why stop there? If you’re going to build one town named Gable, why not seven of them. They could all share the same town hall, to save money. The savings might even be enough for them to ensure that the building be well built. Surely you remember how strong the winter storms can be in Washington State.

She: Yes …

He: And we wouldn’t want for the house of the seven Gables to be gone with the wind, now would we?


    1. Betty — for this conversation you could have remained a person. We had it in a public restaurant. All you would have had to do was sit nearby and eavesdrop!

  1. Clark has to stay close to Lewis. Even Amoeba should know that! 🙂

    My MIL & FIL have stopped for cherry pie at Martha’s Inn in George, WA. I never could convince my husband to do the same… Pfffft!

    1. Karen — I did mention Lewis & Clark somewhere in this conversation. And to my knowledge I have never eaten in George, WA, but I have visited the restroom there ….

  2. What a wonderful wrap up to that post!

    …then I read Linda’s comment, and I’m just speechless with envy. BRILLIANT!

    This summer we drove through a town named Smithers in West Virginia. We didn’t think anything of it until a few miles down the road was a sign for Montgomery, as in Burns. We were laughing so hard we were crying.

    1. Susan — I think you might also enjoy my response to Lind’as comment. And I can’t believe you didn’t blog about the Montgomery, Burns, Smithers thing1

    1. Polona — history — school forces us to learn; movie references — pop culture; places — I’ve visited them; the dudes — they can’t even keep track of themselves!

      Besides, we don’t have a half-dozen different languages cluttering up our minds!

  3. ROFL! I had to click on Taylor Lautner to find out who HE is! I never heard of him. And he can NOT compare to Clark Gable! Or even Clark get either! LOL! And by this time of night I’m too tired to even TRY to be witty …. but I do truly appreciate Linda’s comment! And poooooooooor Thom…. between this and Punny Monday…*sigh*

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