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  • The 12 Days of Christmas, Hawaiian Style – Mahalo!!!

The 12 Days of Christmas, Hawaiian Style – Mahalo!!!

The 12 Days of Christmas, Hawaiian Style



So Thom sends me this email saying he wants to do a 12 Days of Christmas giveaway.  I get all excited and agree.  I make grand plans inside my head which turn out to look like nothing Thom has in mind.  He walks into the store and says, “here, these will do”, and starts to shovel 12 boxes of chocolates into the cart.  I said, “We’re going to give them all the same thing?”  Thom was like, “Yeah, why not?”  and I told him that was boring.   And then things got unboring really fast.

Thom started snatching every pretty, sparkling, eye-catching wonder in sight off the shelves and popping them into the cart without regard to size, shape or price.  Just as quickly I was snatching things back out of the cart and putting them back.  Finally his frenzy wound down and we attempted to count the prizes we’d accumulated.   I am so impressed that we only got home with one extra big prize — which we put in the box with something we thought didn’t look as appealing as the others.

Working with Thom is exhilarating and frustrating all at the same time.  I am so glad that his frenetic energy transferred over the net to all of you.  You picked up our energy and made this contest just as much fun for us.  I enjoyed reading your wonderful, witty comments and it was very hard for me not to respond in kind, but Thom and I agreed that answering the comments and chatting back and forth would make it more difficult to sort out who was in competition for the prizes, so I behaved myself.

Hawaii is a state of many beauties and wonders, but as far as I am concerned the greatest blessing it has given me is Thom’s friendship.  Even though it is true that we don’t see each other often, when I leave I will miss him greatly.  Mahalo, Thom, just for being you.

Looking ahead, Thom and I have already decided that we aren’t going to let a little thing like the Pacific Ocean get in the way of our fun.  Stay tuned for next year and The 12 Days of Christmas, Washington and Hawai’i Style.


In the meantime,
Mele Kalikimaka
Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!


  1. what? we have to wait a whole year for more fun???

    no, really, it was a great idea, and sharing your enthusiasm and the christmas spirit was wonderful. mahalo

  2. Well, that was nice. Thom seems like a great guy. Thanks for bringing him to us.

    OK, back to grouching without further commercial interruptions.

  3. And I bet the two of you actually got things mailed faster than I did (finally, today!!) for my little St. Nicholas game.

    Mahalo, Quilly, for putting this WONDERFUL & FUN game together for all of us. (I thanked Thom on his blog, too)

    1. Susan — we don’t, but the store manger might. It’s the Koko Head Marina Price Buster if you’ve a notion to check. 😉

    1. Dr. John — Thom and I both wanted you to win but when you did guess correctly the Random Number generator wouldn’t cooperate!

  4. You two crack me up! Seems like you have been friends a very long time. The 12 Days of Christmas giveaways was a great idea! I am looking forward to next year.

  5. LOL at Cloudia!!! Quilly – you two ROCK! And assuming I’m still breathing next December… I will BE there! Can’t wait!

  6. I mentioned on Thom’s blog that your riddles were the highlight of the blogging day for 12 consecutive days, what fun!! Thanks to T and you for hosting this, I am already looking forward to next xmas!!

    Mele Kalimaka!
    (give a few months to learn the whole thing) 🙂

  7. LOL…Oh Q…what can I say. I still think 12 boxes of candy would have sufficed . But oh now. And you forget to tell them the sweat box you put me in on Saturday to wrap all the gifts. And for anyone getting one of the prizes, it was Quilly’s idea of how to warp them. I was in charge of doing the taping of the outside boxes. She is also right in that a little thing like the Pacific Ocean doesn’t need to stop us. We can come up with something I’m sure before next Christmas, but for now, I’m content with the outcome of the contest and again thank you all. Q…you are the bomb!!! I’m sure going to miss you. xoxoxoxoo and Mahalo

    1. Thom — 12 boxes of candy probably would have been much less expensive, but only half as much fun! And it is your fault you worked in a sweatbox, you made me talk on the phone despite the chipper making all that noise across the street. Of course I shut the windows!

      YOU are the bomb and I had a BLAST!

  8. I enjoyed reading the riddles even though I didn’t come up with many answers! And I like that the prizes were specific to your location. I’ll look forward to next year!

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