The 12 Days of Christmas, Hawaiian Style – Mahalo!!!

The 12 Days of Christmas, Hawaiian Style



So Thom sends me this email saying he wants to do a 12 Days of Christmas giveaway.  I get all excited and agree.  I make grand plans inside my head which turn out to look like nothing Thom has in mind.  He walks into the store and says, “here, these will do”, and starts to shovel 12 boxes of chocolates into the cart.  I said, “We’re going to give them all the same thing?”  Thom was like, “Yeah, why not?”  and I told him that was boring.   And then things got unboring really fast.

Thom started snatching every pretty, sparkling, eye-catching wonder in sight off the shelves and popping them into the cart without regard to size, shape or price.  Just as quickly I was snatching things back out of the cart and putting them back.  Finally his frenzy wound down and we attempted to count the prizes we’d accumulated.   I am so impressed that we only got home with one extra big prize — which we put in the box with something we thought didn’t look as appealing as the others.

Working with Thom is exhilarating and frustrating all at the same time.  I am so glad that his frenetic energy transferred over the net to all of you.  You picked up our energy and made this contest just as much fun for us.  I enjoyed reading your wonderful, witty comments and it was very hard for me not to respond in kind, but Thom and I agreed that answering the comments and chatting back and forth would make it more difficult to sort out who was in competition for the prizes, so I behaved myself.

Hawaii is a state of many beauties and wonders, but as far as I am concerned the greatest blessing it has given me is Thom’s friendship.  Even though it is true that we don’t see each other often, when I leave I will miss him greatly.  Mahalo, Thom, just for being you.

Looking ahead, Thom and I have already decided that we aren’t going to let a little thing like the Pacific Ocean get in the way of our fun.  Stay tuned for next year and The 12 Days of Christmas, Washington and Hawai’i Style.


In the meantime,
Mele Kalikimaka
Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

On The Extra Day of Christmas

The 12 Days of Christmas, Hawaiian Style


On The Extra Day of Christmas

Thom and Quilly gave to me …..

Prize 8

Prize 9

Why won’t Santa eat Twinkies?



1. Contest to run on Quilly’s at Quintessentially Quilly and Thom’s at Thom’s Place 4 Well Whatever… blogs. Quilly will have question one and continue with the odd numbers. Thom will have question two and continue with the even numbers. So remember to check the correct blog daily.

2. You will answer the riddle by leaving a comment in the post.

3. Only ONE comment allowed per person, so be sure you know the answer before commenting. Two or more comments on the prize post will disqualify you from that days contest. (You will still be eligible to comment on proceeding giveaway posts.)

4. All correct answers will be added to the Random Number Generator in the order they were received and a winner will be picked by said Random Number Generator.

5. Commentor must have a valid website and/or blog that can be verified with a valid email address.

6. Void where prohibited, taxed, etc. Winner responsible for any and all taxes and or fees assessed with being declared the winner.

7. By participating, you agree that we can share your comment in a future post, and mention either your username or first name, avatar or likeness, and mention your blog or website by name.

8. All posts will go up promptly at 12:01 am and close at 11:59 pm that night. Winner will be announced by a new post at Noon the following day. (Note: All times are Hawaiian Standard Time)

9. Contest to run from12:01 a.m. December 1, 2009 through midnight, December 12, 2009. The final winner will be announced on December 13th.

10. Winner MUST email either Quilly and/or Thom with his/her mailing address within 24 hours of the winning post announcement. If you win on Quilly’s blog you will email her your mailing address and vice versa when you win on Thom’s blog. If we do not receive your mailing address within 24 hours, you will be disqualified and the Random Number Generator will pick a new winner. On Quilly’s blog her email address may be obtained by clicking on Email Me! in the left side bar under her picture. On Thom’s blog in the right side bar under Pages click on Contact Me.

11. Packages to go out via United States Postal Service 1st class mail. Quilly and Thom are not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced packages. All packages will be mailed on December 14, 2009.

12. The most important rule is to have fun. We just wanted to brighten the holidays and show a little Aloha to our readers of our blogs. Mahalo!

UPDATE: The 12 Days of Christmas, Hawaiian Style Winner Day 5 NEW WINNER

The 12 Days of Christmas, Hawaiian Style


Unfortunately, Mama Zen did not send her email address in within 24 hours – See rule No. 10. Therefore, we have a new winner for Day 5.

Riddle: Should you kiss with open eyes?

Answer: No!  You should kiss with your lips!

Melli —
Insanity Prevails

Congratulations Melli. You now have 24 hours to email Quilly with your mailing address.

Head on over to Quilly’s place for today’s riddle.

Mahalo for playing.