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She’s A Winner!


Susan of Stony River

You’re the winner!

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Devotional pages for January 3rd & 4th.

Susan, you won by default since no one else entered the contest within the prescribed time, but a win is a win no matter how one comes by it. I hope you and your kids enjoy this beautiful book togethter all year long!


    1. Susan — are you sure you don’t want this mailed to where you are now? Of course if I put it on a slow boat, you might not get it any faster than waiting for your move. LOL!

      1. I hope we get there that fast!
        What I’m thinking is that our international mail comes through the Royal Mail in London, which is suffering intermittent strikes. It might not make it in time–if I can get us out of here as fast as I want to!

  1. And as Horton would say… a person’s a person… no matter HOW small! But Susan IS the perfect person for that book! She has liddy ones! And she’ll USE it! YAY! Maybe God kept the competition away…. Susan – I hope that book brings you and yours MANY blessings!

  2. It’s rigged I tell ya…First the 12 Days of Christmas and now this? Pffft…what did you loose my entry? ROFLMAO!!!

  3. She’s going to love it; she loves books. Her brother’s still talking about becoming a priest, so it might get shared. Meaning, fought over with much screaming, but well that’s kids.

    Thom, you’re welcome to come over and read it to her, y’know. LOL

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