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    1. Martha — thanks. Almost always the reason I end up quitting a meme is because of folks who leave the same wooden comment on every site.

    1. John — we even contemplated going to the beach yesterday. Our days in Hawaii are numbered and we’ll soon be in the land of rain and gray skies.

    1. Polona — I took this photo to test the light. Afterward I “posed” the glasses and the wine bottle — but those didn’t come out near as nice!

    1. Woody — it is rarely too cold for a patio party on Oahu — unless of course you’re a local. Then when it gets down to 70 you’re in a hat and mittens and shivering! LOL! (I’ve been here a little over two years and I must say I am starting to notice a bit of chill in the air.)

  1. Looks like a fun party! I really like the green and blue reflection at the very edge of the shot. Fun shot for this meme.

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