Luxury Theater Seating At Home

I have found the perfect couch for the family room. This might just get me to sit in front of the TV and stay. And, not only is it perfect for TV watching,  it looks plenty cozy enough for reading and just relaxing.  I bet it would make great party seating, too.

This is luxury Home Theater Seating. Either end of this sectional boasts a recliner. The middle two seats utilize the hassock as a foot rest. The hassock has a built in storage compartment for keeping comfy blankets close at hand, while the consoles each have smaller storage compartments and built-in cup holders — all of the comforts of luxury movie theater seating without the stickiness, nose and other discomforts of the public theater.

10 thoughts on “Luxury Theater Seating At Home

    • Kay — won’t it won’t fit is Amoeba’s wallet. He said no. [pouts]

      Well, actually, he suggested we wait until I have a job before we spend too much. Really that’s only sensible!

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