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Jesus Lives, by Sarah Young

The world specializes in separation and losses. How comforting it is to know that nothing can separate us from Jesus’ love. Jesus Lives is Sarah Young‘s follow up book to Jesus Calling. It is a devotional guide unlike most others.

The devotions are short two-page readings. The first page contains a two or three paragraph reminder or promise from the Bible. It is written as though Jesus were speaking. The second page presents the Bible verses used to compose the reading. There are 180 readings in the book, and they are divided into sections based on the themes from Jesus’ life and teachings: Adversity, Brokenness; Faith, Forgiveness, Grace, Hope, Joy, Love, Peace, Prayer — and more.

This is not a devotional to read only page-by-page, although surely that is recommended. It is also a devotional to keep and revisit, just as issues from these themes keep revisiting our lives. As we all know, the Bible is a living document and God helps us in our understandings in the light of our current needs. A scripture I read last week may seem much more relevant to me today then it did then. Jesus Lives will help connect scripture to the current needs in your life.

Having said that, the fact that this book is written as though Jesus is speaking to me made me just a little uncomfortable. These aren’t Jesus’ words. Sarah Young wrote them. Also, I have been taught to be very careful of studying scripture out of the context in which it was written. Despite all of that, having looked this book over and carefully considered the writings and the scriptures associated with them, I believe that Sarah Young did an excellent job capturing the meanings and messages behind these scriptures.  This is not a book for those new in faith.  Discernment is needed so one does not confuse Sarah’s devotions with Jesus’ words.

I would not suggest this book for the totality of one’s daily Bible Study. It does, however make an excellent starting point for study. Especially if one is interested in perusing the 46 themes from Jesus’ life and teachings.

I was provided a copy of this book for review by Thomas Nelson, Inc.


  1. Got your post over at Hope Radio. While I can’t say I have a particularly religious life and my faith is still at present, I did like what you had to say about gifts. I think you are right. Thanks for taking the time to offer your insight. 🙂

  2. Your review (well done!) reminds me of the WWJD movement. While there certainly are times when we can know without a doubt what Jesus would do in whatever situation we find ourselves in, there are plenty of other times when we just don’t know. And I am wary of anyone telling me otherwise, especially when supporting Bible verses are taken away from their original context.
    .-= kcinnova´s last blog ..Thematic Photographic: Feet =-.

  3. What a lovely interpretation about Jesus and people’s faith in him…

    Humor is part of your life,
    I am on the same boat with you on this:)
    Laugh more, be happier, healthier, and
    life becomes more enjoyable!
    .-= jingle´s last blog ..What Do You Think Of Water? =-.

  4. Oyyyyy! My computer just submitted my comment when I wasn’t done typing it! Sheeeeesh! Anyway… I don’t think I’ll be getting this book. I AM however about half way through Kabul 24! I’m really enjoying it. I’ve had Luz the last 3 days so doing ANYTHING is a bit out of the question… especially reading or blogging! LOL!

    1. Melli — my computer does that all the time, too! And had this book not been given to me, I never would have bought it, although I do think if someone wanted to use it for a study guide they could.

      I loved Kabul 24. There was so much cultural information — so different and yet the same as what the news gives us. And the authors didn’t sensationalize. They just presented facts. The bad guys had some good in them, the good guys had some bad — real people in a real life drama.

  5. This sounds interesting, though I would have the same reservations you have about phrasing things as if Jesus said them and taking passages out of context. But it sounds like, as you said, she did a good job and it would offer food for thought if read with discernment.
    .-= Barbara H.´s last blog ..Favorite books read in 2009 =-.

    1. Barbara — as I told Melli, the book was given to me to read and review. If I’d looked at it in the book store, I likely never would have purchased it.

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