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Now that we have a great house, we plan on having some great parties.  I told Amoeba that I thought our first party should be a house warming.  We could tell everyone to bring furniture as gifts and send them all to the local furniture store to see our wish list.  He told me no.   Spoil sport.

However, the house is almost adjacent to the ball field and I understand the Lab fields a team, so Amoeba is envisioning Summer Barbecues and weenie roasts around our built-in fire pit, so I am looking for ideas.

Still, we would like to host a housewarming and invite those folks who have made our transition to Friday Harbor so easy. Anybody got any cute, cool ideas for a motif? And how do we handle that present thing since Amoeba won’t allow me to solicit furniture?


  1. You know… I’ve always been a firm believer in inviting guests to a party, providing food, beverage, and decent conversation, and if they care to bring me a present, I accept it, smile big and say thank you! I HATE gift registries! I want the gifts that people want to give me. But … I do understand that most people don’t think like me. LOL! (sorry… I’m useless. Does a housewarming party really need a “theme”?)
    .-= Melli´s last blog ..Thursday Thinking… =-.

    1. Melli — you know the furniture thing was a joke, right? I was thinking more along the lines of we don’t want gifts. The one good argument (for me) against having a housewarming party is people bring clutter gifts.

  2. I think you should just have all us bloggers come!! (At no expense to us, of course!)

    For the “no gift” thing, you could do it like some concerts do. . . bring a non-perishable food item and it will all get donated to the local food pantry/church/whatever.
    .-= Mocha with Linda´s last blog ..A Lady Like Sarah =-.

    1. Amanda — Amoeba also nixed the luau idea when I said we could serve my favorite Hawaiian foods — Loco Moco, Spam Musabi, Poke, Mochi, Squid Luau, Spam Steak, etc.

  3. I still haven’t seen your new home and you will give a party ! At least visually I want to participate, lol !

    I don’t like theme parties, the only theme which counts is that everybody is having fun. I usually prepare a buffet enough to drink and the rest is left to the people. Gifts ?? I would leave it to the people if they are intelligent enough they would ask you what you want, and I too hate lists, just like Melli.
    .-= Gattina´s last blog .. =-.

    1. Granny — I think we would gain a lot of friends. On an island getting rid of old, warn out furniture could otherwise be a nuisance ….

  4. I agree with Melli and Gattina. I hate theme party´s and everyone should bring the gift they want to give you. It´s the thought that counts, I think. Just my humble opinion, since you asked… 🙂

    1. Betty — actually, I wasn’t clear enough. We would really rather notr solicit gifts. I got some really good alternate suggestions which I truly like.

  5. Hot dogs over an open pit is the idea that makes all other ideas unnecessary. Well, have buns and mustard ready, I guess.
    .-= Doug´s last blog ..Plaudit =-.

    1. Doug — chili, cheese, onions, potato salad, macaroni salad, potato chips, and some weird, green, jiggly jello salad thingy.

  6. .
    Shall we start calling you Party Animal? Seems you did that pretty good on the bigger island. I am with hot dogs and hambergers. You can’t go wrong with those. Pizza in the late afternoon. More refined things in the evenings. You will do good.

    We are having a party here tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon. My Sunday school class will come at noon for a nice dinner. Mrs. Jim is making roast and the others are bringing other stuff. About 20-25 should show up. Most are of the class published age, 70+.

    That age is why Mrs. Jim won’t join us, she like hers better. But since I’m the teacher (one of three) I have to join. And join in the things and attend Sunday classes.
    .-= Jim´s last blog ..My golf ball laughed at me — MidWeek Blues — for my whole game =-.

      1. Jim, in Hawaii a party is all about gathering around a table with your friends and scarfing food. All one needs to have a successful party in Hawaii is a table that can stand up under the strain.

        Also, this is a traditional spelling optional site. It has to be. I am far too prone to inverting letters for me to be picky about other people’s spelling.

  7. Quilly – Don’t necessarily name your party a “Housewarming” party, then your guests may not feel inclined to bring a gift. Just call it a “Get to Know Your Neighbors Party”, or “A Thank-You for Helping Us Party”. You get the idea. If you ask everyone to bring their favorite dish or dessert, they won’t feel empty handed. OR – you could have a wine tasting party and ask everyone to bring a bottle of wine. Place the wine bottles in a large bucket filled with ice and then supply small sample cups for everyone to sample the different wines! Woot! Sounds like a good party to me! What time shall I come?

    1. Church Lady — just before you sent this I had a similar revelation. How about an “open house” so our friends can come, see our home, visit with us a bit, and then go as is convenient for their schedule. I can just have plates of cookies and easily replenished snacks available.

  8. I like Church Lady’s idea of calling it just a “getting acquainted” (or maybe reacquainted, in this case) party or something like that. “Housewarming” seems to carry with it the idea of gifts. I like the items for the food pantry idea or the “tips.” I know you said you were joking about gifts, but in response to some of the comments, as a gift-receiver, I know it is the thought that counts, but as a gift-giver, I like having some idea to go on. I love to get people what they like and could use — I hate the thought of burdening them with stuff they’ll have to take back or store til the next yard sale.

    Maybe I’m weird, but I love theme parties. Haven’t had one since my youngest turned twelve (detective theme, then, ideas found mostly on the Internet), and our church ladies’ luncheon usually has a theme. But when we have anyone over it’s just an informal get-together. I like the pot-luck idea, too, or having one big main dish or meat and asking everyone else to bring side dishes or desserts or beverages.
    .-= Barbara H.´s last blog ..Friday’s Fave Five =-.

    1. Barbara — getting “stuff” we don’t want is our biggest concern! It seems a waste of people’s energy and money. And as a rule, themes are easier to “plan” than free-for-alls, where I almost always forget something.

  9. I like Robin’s idea, especially if you ask them to bring great photo-opp spots, great walks, best opps to serve, etc. And there’s nothing wrong with saying, please just come be our guests and no gifts!

    1. Kelley — I really like Robin’s idea, too. and of course I know about putting, “please no gifts” at the bottom of the card, but I was looking for something a little more creative.

  10. Ah, now this is an easy one and one I am surprised that you did not think of. White elephant party! (this could also be used to by-pass Amoebas vetoing of the furniture). Other than that, there are Local Plant themes, Gardening themes, Fire roasting themes (come on now you have a pit!) Decorating themes (if the landlord is ok with it) hmm, Getting to know you themes, for those that don’t know one another real well-you could make a game of it by using a clue type of system Oh I know!!!! a Mystery dinner theme. Hope these all help. I thought I should stop before I get me and maybe you, in trouble.

    1. OJM – I don’t want White Elephants! I have no intention of filling my cupboards with other people’s junk. (Which is what cause Amoeba to freak over asking for furniture.) The roasting themes will definitely apply to the sporting events, but I am not entirely certain I want them applying to my housewarming, and unlike you I am really not thinking of a formal sit-dwon dinner. You might recall that my table only seats 4.

    1. Bill — you didn’t read the comments did you. Don’t worry, neither did Nessa. [shakes head] I don’t really want any presents at all!

  11. If someone asks, you can say “your favorite recipe — on a card!” Then you’ll have the foundation for a ‘friends & neighbors cookbook’ for one day in the future!

    Smiles, K
    .-= southlakesmom´s last blog ..Sad But True =-.

  12. Why doesn’t Amoeba want to do the present furniture house warming option? Some people feel uncomfortable having a party, and asking everyone to bring a present, I know I did, even for my wedding! Good luck with your first party!
    .-= Chris´s last blog ..Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires =-.

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