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Dearly Beloved …

Wedding season will soon be on us again. Now is the time to get all the details hammered out and everything set in motion. There is nothing worse than a Bride too stressed to enjoy her own wedding.

Begin by choosing your color scheme — and be sure to order your wedding invitations early!  Remember to order a couple of dozen more than you think you’ll need.  You’ll want one for your memory album and you’re sure to ruin one or two in the mailing, then there’s great Aunt Sophy, who you forgot to include on the original guest list.

Along with wedding invitations you’ll want to order save the dates reminders, especially for your closest relatives and friends.  It just wouldn’t do to discover one of your future mate’s favorite relative inadvertantly  made European vacation plans for the same date as your wedding.

The more you do ahead, the less stress you will have in the days preceding your actual wedding.  You’ll want to remember the event with joy, not suffer through it from exhaustion.


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