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Caption Contest

I asked you all to help me caption the photo below and I got some absolutely fantastic answers. In fact, they are so good that I put up this poll so I wouldn’t have to choose. YOU choose. Warning: you may only vote once, so decide wisely.

Voting Closes at 9:00 p.m. PDST, Sunday, February 6th, 2010.  Enjoy!

Pick your favorite caption for the photo above:

Bon appetit, dear!

What do you mean you didn’t leave it there for me to eat?

You must return here with a shrubbery or else you will never pass through this wood alive!

I don’t think what I eat or how much I eat is a suitable topic of conversation!

There she is again with that gosh-darn camera!

“Okay, okay, I admit I tried it, but I never inhaled.”

Today the greens, tomorrow the world….bwahahaha

I’ve got some salad stuck in my teeth? Where?

“Now will you put out the deer feeders?”

“What bottle brush?”

They sure don’t make dental floss like they used to!

It’s from my private stash.


I deerly love to munch!

“Look, Ma, I’m eating my greens!”

“Who, me? No, I didn’t eat the last bush.”


To see your vote and caption together, click on the word “comment” immediately aboove and to the right (at the bottom of the poll chart).

The winner will earn the admiration and respect of everyone participating, and a featured spot with a link which will be displayed sometime on Monday.


    1. Jientje — that irritated me, too. Then I discovered at if you click the comment box on the bottom right of the blue box, you can see both captions and votes.

    1. Doug — I had no idea it would behave like this when I choose it! If you click the comment box on the bottom right of the blue box, you can see both captions and votes.

    1. Thom — I am glad you enjoyed. Your comment cracked Amoeba and I up and we thought the game was over right there, but there were so many great ones I needed to have snapped more pics!

    1. Susan — you pick it up as a regular feature. I don’t need anymore schedule in my schedule. I’ll just do them randomly from time-to-time.

    1. Cherie — Amoeba just suggested you try a different browser. I can’t vote for you. The contest only allows one vote per computer — even mine.

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