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Internet Connectivity in The Back of Beyond

One of the first things we did before agreeing to move here is check out the internet connectivity.  We were pleasantly surprised to find a variety of choices.  We asked questions, checked out online reviews, solicited personal testimony, then went with an internet/cable/phone package. Turns out it wasn’t a great choice.

The equipment installer arrived as scheduled and did his thing, but it has been almost a month now.  Our phone line still isn’t activated and we have no internet connectivity.  We do have TV signal — which would be great if we actually had a TV (remember, ours is cruising the Pacific).

I guess we should have gone with a satellite company more experienced in servicing rural areas. Anybody know of one?

Right now I don’t know what I am going to do for net when it’s time to move into our own house. I’ve called the service provider 3 times. Before I even finish explaining my problem the little bubblehead who answers the phone transfers me to the installer — who has already done his job!

Oh! Except the last time. The last time I called I told her I didn’t even know my assigned phone number. She made a really rude noise and hung up on me!

I got smart and went to their local office. It’s closed. There’s a note on the door saying where payments can be mailed. I’ll be danged if I am paying for service I can’t even use!


  1. I deliberately keep my land phone separate from my internet/cable, because if one goes down, I’ll have access to the other.

    Here in Honolulu, Roadrunner is forever crashing. I can pick up my land phone and call them up to COMPLAIN. Couldn’t do that if they were both connected.
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    1. Church Lady — inconvenient is right. The closest Starbucks is an hour and 15 minutes away and a trip there includes a $50.00 ferry ride.

  2. I hope you get the internet issue resolved as well as your phone working. Don’t ya love the Little Gherkins who don’t have a clue about customer service. I think anyone who works in Call Centres should be at least 40, they know about the work ethic and customer service.

    Things are on the way, I know what I want and it is going to happen.
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  3. .
    Quilly, I am sorry about your Internet. Al Gore wasn’t perfect you know.

    I was in a similar bind this weekend. Our carrier had an Internet special for DSL at $14.95 a month with the offer running through January 31.
    Unfortunately the business office was only open M-F 9-5 and I had procrastinated until Saturday. They didn’t even have voice mail. I left two messages on their Customer Service Web page telling them that I was accepting their offer and would call them Monday morning (Feb 1) about it.
    I now have DSL for $14.95 instead of $28.95 for the next two years. And I found out that we are now within DSV range but we are keeping the cable. No boxes that way.

    Question: Do they have Internet? Unload on them if they do. They are not living up to their part of the agreement. Threaten to terminate because they can’t provide service.

    A help: Go ($50 trip?) see the neighbors and get what they tell you works best.
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  4. People here all had Verizon because it was the only available home phone service, but it kept breaking down on us. We switched to a triple-system (phone, internet, cable) but it costs too much. 18 more months and that is HISTORY. My husband likes to say that when we move again, it will be internet only, along with cell phones. Since he rarely carries his phone (except for work — it is a work phone) I’m not so sure about his plan. I don’t want my phone ringing for every little thing! I am sort of fond of a land line.
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  5. Don’t know what I’d do w/out internet…I remember when the internet would go down at work and I’d just want to go home!

    Hope it gets resolved soon!

  6. You’re lucky you’ve got any choice (I don’t, out here in the 3rd world!) but for America, that does sound like crappy service. There are times when service is *everything* — good luck resolving this one!

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