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Scattered Showers

He said: “I’m going to go take a shower.”

She said:  “Try not to take it too far.  I want to use it later.”

He said: “Okay, I promise I’ll put it back where I found it when I finish.”

She said, “Oh, hey, since you’re taking it out anyway, do you suppose you could put it back with some other tile besides that mustard yellow stuff from 1970?”

He said: “No.  If I did that the counter and the linoleum would get jealous.”


  1. Now I will rake my brain why you have to take out your shower and you ask not to go to far ? Is he taking the shower on the street ? We take our shower in the bathroom !
    .-= Gattina´s last blog .. =-.

    1. Gattina — Thank you for your priceless comment. You have generated much silliness in the comment section of my blog. gives 126 definitions for the word “take” most of them include the phrase “to carry away”. Amoeba did not say he was going to USE the shower. He said he was going to carry it away. I was just concerned he would carry it too far and he has a habit of putting things down and then not being able to find them.

      1. I still not get it, I am sorry, but for me a shower is a shower you take in a bathroom, why does Antony ask where I keep my shower ?? I don’t keep it it’s fixed in the bathroom, lol ! there must be a misunderstanding. According to my dictionary and myself a shower is a flexible tube with a head with holes in it, you stand underneath and the water is running over your body, true ??
        .-= Gattina´s last blog .. =-.

        1. Gattina — the word TAKE means to carry away. It is slang when we say “I am going to TAKE a shower. We aren’t really going to carry it away. We are going to use it. The joke is just that I chose to ignore the accepted slang and answered Amoeba seriously.

          1. Ah ! the subtilities of the English slangs ! I am already proud to get along with english ! don’t ask me to learn slang, lol ! I already learned to understand the baby english what the cats speak on their blogs ! Like : “Effery bean in da house but Mommy went out to dig wif da shovels. Mommy maked sumfing called “hot chawklit” and “cawfee” for da beans outside wif da shovels”. Imagine now baby french !
            .-= Gattina´s last blog .. =-.

      1. Never mind, Nicole, put the card away. We’d never be able to get all those pipes and nozzles through security. Might be fun trying, if we didn’t have to actually get anywhere. And we probably wouldn’t have to worry about our meals being provided for awhile.

    1. Nessa — I have already blogged about the bathroom sink. I hope the toilet doesn’t get jealous and throw a fit — or anything else!

  2. priceless – they don’t teach stuff like that in schools!
    one of the great things about a language is its flexibility and i luv it!
    (but yeah, way too much info for a less than advanced level)
    .-= polona´s last blog ..arches =-.

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