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Shower And Tell

She: “Now I need to take a shower.”

He: “Nope, sorry, don’t think so.”

She: “I thought you said you were going to bring it back!

He: “Everything’s right where it was. But you’re closing the curtain when you go in there, hmm?”

She: “Well, duh. You want to hear me sing about bullfighting?”

He: “Bullfighting?”

She:Toreador, there’s water on the floor!

He: “Alright already. But then you’re not taking a shower.”

She: “Why not?

He: “Because you’re using the curtain. Which you can’t see through. That makes it a hide-er.”

She: “I could take it outside.”

He: “Yeah. On the beach in Hawai‘i, you might get away with that. Here? Now? You’d get the blues for sure. Blue skin, blue lights …”


      1. Nope, we don’t.
        You guys are only talking about taking showers somewhere and about curtains.
        But we actually have never seen a single picture for proof that you really are showering at all 😛

  1. i definitely prefer to have a shower inside, at least until april.
    and – how (in)appropriately – my last name translates to cloud in english 🙂
    .-= polona´s last blog ..arches =-.

    1. Polona — as long as the shower has plenty of hot water, outside is fine even in cold weather — until one has to turn the water off! Are you a cirrus, cumulus or nimbus cloud?

        1. Control? It is my blog, but Amoeba enjoys all the same editing and writing privileges I do. He just is cautious about he he exercises them.

        2. Jim, when it comes to this blog, I’m like the sacred Simurgh of Arabian fable, as reported by Ambrose Bierce: omnipotent on condition that I do nothing.

          Seriously, it’s a simple rule around here. Ask first. If you don’t feel like asking, get your own. Right now, I’ve got too many things going on to spend time managing a blog. Besides, the Q gets a much larger audience than I ever managed, so it pays me to hang out here and try not to drag down her stats when I post.

    1. Lew — luckily that bathroom isn’t in our new place, it is in our temporary apartment where we’re living until our possessions arrive from Hawaii.

    1. Dr. John? I’m not up for showering outside in our 50 degree temps, so you can rest assured I wouldn’t be doing it in your weather! Brrrrr.

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