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Protect Your Video Rights

Have you made a movie or video you want to license and distribute fro profit? Are you worried about other people taking your content and using it for their own purposes? Now you can protect your video and your rights through mDistribute.

You can upload your short films, features, animation, and other film content straight to mDistribute and they will make it available to viewers and buyers via their content aggregators. Soon your videos and animations could be appearing in iPods worldwide — and putting money in your pocket.

And hey, if you’re not a video maker, but you like to purchase and view short films, mDistribute can hook you up with an astounding catalogs of works. They provide short films, feature films, animation, instructional, and much more! Whether you want to entertain or be entertained, mDistribute can help you out!


  1. Interesting…while I don’t do many vids, I often worry about those who deign to appropriate content from my blog. I wonder if there’s any real way to stop them?

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