Chocolate For Haiti

For Valentine’s Day, treat your love and Haiti as well.  You can share and enjoy guilt-free Dark Chocolate thanks to Intentional Chocolate.

Intentional Chocolateâ„¢ will donate 100% of its profits
to charities supporting Haiti until Valentine’s Day.

Part of the creation process of Intentional Chocolates involves meditation and prayer. The chocolates are literally infused with love and good intentions by advanced mediators. The concept comes from the “magic” healing power of mom’s home cooked meals, especially chicken soup — they are created with love and that love infuses the food with balm for the soul.

Intentional Chocolateâ„¢ gifts 50% of their net profits to a new charity every season, however from now through Valentines’s Day, they are giving 100% of their profits to charities supporting Haiti. Purchase your Valentine’s Day treat at IntentionalChocolate.Com and feel better about what you eat while what you eat helps you feel better — and support Haiti, too.

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