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Technically Divine

I have just fallen n love with a computer accessory website.  I kid you not.  I opened the link and my heart gave a little leap of joy.  I am sitting here with stars in my eyes. PriceGrabber.Com has anything you might want for your Apple, Mac or PC — and since we have all three, I am a happy camper.  Stylus pens, connection cords, adapters, cooling platforms, peripherals, thumb drives, satchels, motherboards, modems, flat panel screens. — you want it, they’ve got it.  If you are searching for computer or laptop accessories, check Computer World at PriceGrabber.Com. Believe it or not, you can even buy your computer desk there!


    1. Melli — I do more dreaming than buying, however, I did just order a brand new desk for my very own office space!

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