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Light Up My Life

Lamps.  I have been thinking about lamps a lot lately.  We don’t have any and we have just moved into a home with very high ceilings and recessed lighting. The ambiance of the recessed lighting is nice, but when I am reading or sewing or doing other close work, I actually like to see what I am looking at.

We have absolutely great exterior light fixtures. I guess I could go sit on the front porch to do me reading, but even though Spring has arrived, it is still a bit chilly out there in the evening! Both of the back decks have brilliant lighting, too, but once again, they are outside. I want great lighting inside. Has anybody priced lamps lately? Yeow!

I suppose I could do all my work in the kitchen. I have under-the-cupboard lighting all the way around and can make it bright as day in there. plus I have acres of counter space — but it is all for standing. I much prefer sitting when I do my bead work and embroidery. As for reading, the bathroom lights are quite bright. I will just read in the sauna tub.


  1. I know how expensive they were 20 years ago! And again about 10 years ago — they hadn’t gotten any better! I know lamps are NOT as expenisve as their SHADE counterparts! It’s CRAZY! This was the reason we opted to put ceiling fans with light fixtures in most of our rooms. But I’m with ya… sometimes you NEED a good lamp! Hey! WOWMART has lamps!
    .-= Melli´s last blog ..Weekend Reflections… and stuff… =-.

    1. I need an Ikea — but anywhere I go, costs a $50.00 ferry ride for the car and I, and that has to be figured into the expense of shopping.

    1. Thom — if you search my blog you will find the post where I told everybody that they had to register for Comment Luv to make it work. I wrote it long before we left Hawaii.

  2. When I first moved into my apartment all I had were the ceiling lights, One of the first things I bought were some lamps. Hope you find some lamps soon that you will like.
    .-= Bill´s last blog ..I Will Be Away For Awhile =-.

    1. Bill — the problem is where to shop. This little island is short on options, which means it can be high on prices.

  3. We are awful at choosing lamps (possibly because my dh has questionable tastes in that department). At our last house, my inlaws resorted to bringing their own reading lamp when they visited! It cracked me up. I love those people. 🙂
    .-= kcinnova´s last blog ..Reflection =-.

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