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Caviar Power by Gerhard Klapp

Gerhard Klapp is an anti-aging, skin care specialist committed to the research and development of beauty products to help slow or stop the signs of aging. For over 30 years Klapp Skin Care has been making important innovations in the beauty industry. Klapp’s success in creating and promoting products that work have earned him world renown.

Caviar Power is one of the most successful Klapp Collections. Klapp has created an excitingly effective, collagen and moisture rich, line of anti-aging products with DNA extracted from caviar. The caviar contains vitamins, phospholipids and proteins which, along with natural bio-peptides, combine to stimulate cell production and metabolism which help rejuvenate elasticity and suppleness, which in turn diminishes wrinkles and fine lines, giving skin a younger, healthy glow.

Klapp Caviar Power Serum was designed especially for mature skin to provide the extra boost necessary to keep one’s skin looking fresh and supple. The serum should be used in conjunction with the other Caviar Power products. Klapp Caviar Power Eye Care was designed to erase crows feet and other fine lines around the eye area.

The Klapp Caviar Power Anti-Aging Gift Set is the perfect accessory to every outfit in your closet. Nothing looks better than healthy, glowing skin. The set includes the Caviar Power Serum, Caviar Power Cleanser and either the Caviar Power Day Cream or the Caviar Power Night Cream, your choice. At first glance Klapp Caviar Power products may seem expensive, but what would you give to have young, glowing, supple skin again? In comparison to similar products, the value of Klapp Caviar Power shows through in both the competitive prices and unmistakable results.


  1. I just wish I could find a plain and simple moisturiser thaht didn’t end up making my face look like it had just got sunburned! Skin is getting drier by the minute, and I’m wasting a lot of money on cremes or lotions I cna’t use!

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